A debate between computer science at the Technion or Ben - Gurion University
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A dispute between computer science at the Technion or Ben-Gurion University


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Hey ,

I am very confused between these institutions, that the dilemma is an improvement in matriculation / psychometric exams / an exceptional committee at the Technion, and an almost safe acceptance to Be'er Sheva.

At first I was locked in bionformatics, the combination of computer science and biology is very interesting to me, but when I heard about the zero employment possibilities, I got out of it, at least at the undergraduate level.

I want to start learning in October 2015, so you can only improve in the winter matriculation exams - English (currently 89 in 5), math (88 in 5), citizenship history (relatively low) etc.)

My agreement at the Technion is currently 86.95, from what I remember last year Computer Science ranged from 88 to 90

In terms of acceptance terms, of course, I am not accepted for computer science, but there is a possibility of getting irregularities and trying to get accepted. Another difficulty I have to go through is the physics classification test and a physics course in the title itself, since everyone at the Technion is required to take one physics course, another possibility is to start some engineering and try to move, but again I fear that the risk is too great.

The advantage of the Technion is clear in several respects - its "prestige" and closeness to the home (I live with parents 15 minutes away)

On the other hand, there are many stories about a murky place and an even more gray atmosphere, people who are not nice and so on.

The second dilemma is Ben Gurion - my acceptance to the name is almost certain (I did not check that the registration is closed) - quantitative sum 710, the threshold for computer science is 670, and there is no need at all for physics.

Staying at Ben-Gurion will give me the opportunity to be independent and leave the house. From what I understood, Be'er Sheva is known for its good social life, whether it's authors or the fact that many students come from different parts of the country to the same place. On the other hand, the title is apparently less "prestigious" than the Technion - most of the employers prefer a Technion graduate to Ben-Gurion. And it is also important to remember about the extra large living expenses - rent an apartment or dormitories / food electricity etc.

In terms of other places to study, I also thought about the Hebrew University - but a short examination indicates that the campus of Computer Science is located in Givat Ram, and is disconnected from the university itself, and I also lack 3 points for the psychometric exam when they want 712 and I have 709: undecided:

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What about an information systems agreement? Although the degree is in industry and management, but as far as I know, there are no employment problems with him. There is also an option of preparatory to replace the matriculation exams.

Is there a reason why you reject Tel Aviv University?

If you are good, and accumulate practical experience during the degree then you probably will find employment anyway. There is a chance that the studies will be even easier in Be'er Sheva.

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If you live close to the Technion and you do not have any special desire to study in the WC, I would still try to go to a degree at the Technion, of course, if you want to leave the house, it is also a consideration.

The way I see things - these matters weigh no less than "prestige."

I do not want to enter petty comparisons between the institutions. True, in general - the Technion is more considered. How much does it really matter? I do not think much. It is quite certain that a graduate of a military academy from Ben-Gurion will succeed in finding suitable work in a good firm, and I do not recommend entering into comparisons that you can not get out of, and you have no definite answer to them.

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Ben-Gurion without thinking twice.

Interest in the preference of a graduate map over a graduate from there is regret and fire, what matters is mostly your final average.

The main difference is that in order to achieve a good average at the Technion, your soul will come out and you will hate your life, and Ben-Gurion has no such goal.

And that without mentioning all the people I know who studied at the Technion and suffered and all the people who studied in the WC and enjoyed.

There is no substitute for student life there anywhere in the country

(The response was written by a disgruntled student from the Hebrew University and has many good friends who study at Ben-Gurion University)

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To Tel Aviv I was not accepted even if I were to get 750 ..

With regard to information systems / industry and management (with emphasis on information systems?) - I did not think about them so much, but in any case, computer science is better yet the bottom line is not it?

More than anything engineering is 4 years and computer science 3 years, in theory it is possible to year after degree to work and gain practical experience.

And lastly, the employment opportunities in Be'er Sheva for the farm, are there any?

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Only a Technion ... just not a Technion ... just a Technion ... just a Technion ... just a Technion ... just not a Technion ... just a Technion ... just not Technion ...

The Technion is the most shocking place you can go to, maybe it's a bit more shocking in the prison, not sure.

Jobs that Technion graduates prefer are probably as gray and terrible as the Technion.

The students at the Technion are quite rude and the lecturers do not care about the students, they only give lectures because they have to. For their part they were lecturing in front of an empty classroom because they formally must do so.

Also, if you do not understand that it is better for you to learn everything except for the books than to listen to the lectures because the lectures and home exercises are not always directly related to what they will ask you for the test.

From what I understood, Ben-Gurion is a more humane university, with regard to students on the part of the university as well as to some non-psychopathic students who leave it.

At the Technion, or you connect to students who know old students who teach you, or you are completely alone on your own trying to understand how things are run at the Technion ... and no one even tries to help you understand.

On the first day I arrived at the Technion, the lecturer who gave us a lecture told us that "you remember all the things you were told about the Technion - it was just propaganda." It was just a joke, but that's also the truth.

I recently noticed that trying to seduce innocent students with Or when you get the registration ... Do not be tempted.

And if all this does not convince you then read my notes in the current affairs forum and know that I am a graduate of Technion. Lol

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I really did not get carried away, many of the scratches I had in the car were done to me at the Technion. One also apparently with a knife.

Maybe they are intelligent but still chewy.

In general there is a murky atmosphere that everyone tries to feel smart and successful at the Technion.

There are of course also nice and normal people at the Technion, but they are the few ...

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Aries is really an exaggeration.

Incidentally, for the lecturers - that's how it is at the universities. These are academics who deal with research - lectures in the courses are attached duties that the professors must do and of course not everyone is satisfied with it. So there are better professors and there are those who are much less.

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I do not think hacking is an exaggeration. Maybe they do not want to fight with everyone in the street, but they're kind of nasty, aggressive and arrogant.

I do not think that at all universities all the lecturers are the same. I only studied at the Technion, but I heard good things about Ben-Gurion.

For example, in the Technion, in order to be a doctor, you only have to take out high grades. In Ben-Gurion, you also need to undergo a personality test and you may not even be a doctor if you have the highest grades because in personality you are not suited to treat people.

Many psychopaths (with excellent grades) come from the Technion's Faculty of Medicine.

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