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Course or degree


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Hello I'm 23

I studied electronics engineering with a specialization in C / C ++ ASM VHDL programming. Almost no work

Are the courses offered by colleges such as John Bryce Hacker yo ... worth something like they advertise?

At the Open University, the way I understood, I get as 24 the right to a degree in science in computer science, but it is another two to three years of difficult learning.

Or do a QA or SQL DBA course something like in one of the colleges that commit to work do not know how real it is, the price is very expensive?

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In general, a university degree opens doors for you. You can also work without a degree at all in programming but there will be jobs that will not get you without a degree and maybe you'll always have to work harder to prove yourself.

I do not know about colleges, but it's also a possibility. Somewhere in the middle I would say. There are many places that would accept you only with a degree from the university, but in the end you only need one place of work, you do not have to be accepted to all places of work at the same time.

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First of all, you should decide what you want to specialize in. If you already have a practical degree, then a certificate course can definitely enrich you.

The college I studied in helped me find my first job in management , Do not disqualify colleges for yourself there and be impressed

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There is something that working people are already forgetting to say to all undecided. Work in high-tech is unstable. I am an example with 8 years of experience and have already worked in 4 places. Of which one place 4 years. It is not difficult to find work but in certain areas it is according to projects. I have not worked for a month and a half, but I'm sure it would have been more if I did not have a degree.

If you are stressed out with money, think about a part-time job but a degree is mandatory.

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