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Studying outstanding engineering for the rest


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Ahlan, I'm an 25 son and I'm studying engineering for the first year in Eilat. I started there because my data are not enough to be accepted by Ben-Gurion. It's not that I do not have anything just is not enough.

Now the goal is to finish the year (need average 83 +) and continue to information systems engineering.

I come with a reasonable background of programming in C (from home school), and generally I chose this direction because it is something that interests me and I am attracted to it, I do not yet know what role exactly from the lack of familiarity with

But I know that programming speaks to me and the software world also speaks to me, especially , I can say that both on a computer and a mobile, and I have some dream to work in developing games but I

I'm not sure how realistic it is. In addition, I like to study alone, and I am definitely interested in enriching the knowledge and learning more languages, and also beyond understanding how a computer works, etc.

Unfortunately, with mathematics, I'm less connected, and while in our C course I enjoy every moment and succeed in exercises, in mathematics (calculus and algebra for electricity) it's not like that and in the tests that until now the grades were not anything.

Now I know that the semester is not over yet and there is a test period ahead of me and I certainly will invest and hope for an excellent score, but I wonder anyway, maybe there is another way to approach this world, maybe through Eilat was a mistake? I used to think of studying software engineering, but I realized that it was a difficult profession and it was hard to find work in the field, especially in development.

Hope I might get a point to think here ..

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In professions where a person has an academic degree:

This degree is a good insurance certificate for the future.

Most people with a degree are more spacious than people without.

Most people succeed in getting jobs with a degree than people without.

The more recognizable the institution is, the more chances you will get into a more exclusive place.

If you do not have sufficient entrance data to a place worth a degree (I have no idea how the campus in Eilat is considered) you should consider trying a preparatory course, it will also raise your chances and you will be able to experiment if you have the ability to sit on your ass and learn.

Doing a degree is not a picnic and there are people who do not come to them easily and they need a chance to sit for a few years on their ass and all day to learn from morning to night (maybe also take lessons / reinforcement).

For the specific degree, check to see how far after the first year you have a connection to areas you are less attached to.

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Few people like math and connect to it ...

But what to do, sitting in groves and succeeding. I speak from experience. I received my degree (mechanical engineering) from the Technion, where the first two years of the term were equivalent to some hell.

But if you have to sit down and learn that too pass. And if necessary, as the friend above me suggested making a preparatory course.

Do not give up so fast, neither on the title nor on yourself.

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First of all, you should define what it means "It's not that I have nothing, it just is not enough." Why not improve the data in the first place and try to get into the regular track? Either by way of a preparatory program at the university or by focusing specifically on what is "not enough" for you, even if it is a few things. I also considered going to the campus in Eilat because it sounded very comfortable, simple and easy, but after I understood it was better than the hard way than trying to sort of "bypass the system" with what is offered there. What about different colleges? Why BGA?

You said you were very attached to the software world, Software, games, languages, etc. ... I do not see how you have determined that information systems are the best trend for these things.

Engineering probably has a relatively close relationship to mathematics and physics. If you do not get along with these subjects, that's pretty much a problem ... What I understand is that the level of mathematics in electricity is higher than other trends, so take that into account.

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Thanks for the comments, I guess I'm just looking for a way that is more direct to learn And programming, without all the surroundings, but it's clear to me that this is not feasible because you must have a degree in engineering / engineering relevant so that they will look at you at all on the CV.

And the truth is that I chose information systems because there are fewer math courses than software engineers, and the whole issue of information security seems to me very intriguing, and again it's not that I have a specific problem with mathematics.

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Just go to computer science, concentrate more on software development and much less in math physics, it's not that there is not at all,

But it lowers you another year that you have in engineering and you concentrate on what you better \ love.

And in terms of the labor market Software, there is no difference in most places between computer engineering and computer science.

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what?! bullshit. In computer science, especially in the university, students study Lots dead'.

Who will hear how physics "concentrates" on software engineering or information systems. There are exactly two courses. Engineering has nothing to do with physics, certainly and certainly not software engineering (others such as industrial engineering).

I still can not understand the dilemma here. What exactly are the alternatives you have? What exactly is the dilemma? Right now it sounds more like "steam release" (and that's fine).

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I do not think that the software engineering courses fill a whole year. In any case, the academy also conducts software engineering courses of any scope.

post Scriptum

The truth in engineering also has the interest in the final project. This addition to physics exits a total 20 credits. I suppose the rest of the gap is in software engineering or something like that.

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There are not many undergraduate courses in engineering at the Technion in general. Most of the courses are from mathematics, followed by a mixture of courses in computer science. Operating systems, data structures, etc.

Anyone who tells you that mathematics is a beautiful thing is lying lol. Math is hell. It can be nice sometimes, but it takes a lot of investment.

And it's worth it.

Think in the description you learn the things you do not like because you do not have much chance of learning these things on your own outside the degree.

Then you'll understand that he knew he would enrich you.

I do not think you'll find a university that will be easy for you and it will enrich your knowledge.

I do not miss school, but I believe it has opened up some neural pathways in the brain that did not exist in the past.

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