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Hello, I'm 23 from Jerusalem .... I'm currently doing Ben-Gurion's alternative to the psychometric exam and finishing it at 30 for January. It's very close. If I take 140 out of quantity, I'll just have to complete one of the 5 math units. In the event that I do not reach the desired mark, I would like to consult with people who understand engineering here .... I live in Jerusalem and there is a college that is relatively close to the house called Azrieli ... On the other hand there is the Afeka College, HIT, Ariel ... More considered?

My dilemma is also the profession of machinery or electricity ... both sound interesting to me and I wanted to know why there is more demand? If you can give from the institutions I mentioned earlier if there is an excellent institution for electricity and machines will be happy ..... If there is no significant difference between them I prefer the The college in Jerusalem because of the distance .... Thanks:)

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Both machine engineers and electrical engineers have a lot of work to do Especially if there is relevant previous experience.

As a mechanical engineer (graduate of the Technion) I can tell you that the initial salaries are not very high (I do not know about electrical engineering).

Of the institutions you mentioned In my opinion HIT is the most recognized and respected supplier in the industry in terms of electrical engineering.

When it comes to mechanical engineering, universities first and foremost, then colleges and most of them have no big differences ..

Among the more familiar colleges are Sami Shamoon (Ashdod and Be'er Sheva), Afeka, Ort Braude and Ruppin, all of whom have very good tracks in mechanical engineering.

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Thank you very much for the help..and regarding electrical engineering there are some specializations changed .... the first communication, the second VLSI, the third signal processing and the fourth computers ..... Which would you recommend? Of the 4 that I am less interested in is signal processing ...

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You see, it's a bit hard to say something to choose when it's so individual, especially when reading about something from a particular leaflet or catalog can sound interesting and fascinating and then suddenly in the middle of a third year you realize that you made a mistake and that it is not really what you thought.

I think you will go for what has more demand in the industry and put aside personal preferences in terms of career (sounds cool but ..), personally I do not know which track is more wanted but not a problem to find out (and you know maybe you'll connect to it at the end also, will be).

To tell you that I'm dying for the specialty I chose instead of the alternatives I had? Not really, if I regret? Not a chance.

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I do not know who you are and what your background is, but I would recommend that if you are considering learning electrical / machinery, go to a reputable institution and not to what you have listed.

The nonsense in Ariel and Afeka is excellent! As a graduate of Engineering in Ariel I can tell you that the level is high and I will also provide the above as one who knows how much they learned there, in the end in terms of work most of the places look at the experience and what you bring with you.

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Most students have no experience.

The truth is that it was said with great regret that the academy had to open more places of study, according to demand.

What actually happened was that academia had deliberately (or not) stifled the faculties, and the private institutes industry had prospered.

The high demand and the lack of places caused the acceptance threshold to rise.

The percentage of dropout students remains the same.

The only ones who profited from the whole thing were the private institutes.

That, at least, is my theory. I would be happy to refute.

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Okay, let's leave Ariel aside because she has other professions she specializes in and she's not known for engineering ... There are about 8 engineering colleges scattered all over the country ... one in the south, one in Jerusalem, one in the north, There are about 6 tracks such as software engineering, electricity, machinery, industrial management, pharmaceuticals, information systems, etc. As many colleges that were established solely to train engineers to market are not successful in their only job? True, but I'm really trying to understand that if their graduates do not fit into the market, why are the state subsidizing them? Go to them ...

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I did not say they were not excellent. But if we look statistically at places like Microsoft, IBM, Google, Yahoo, Apple, . How many adults are there from Afeka versus Tel Aviv or the Technion?

I do not know an exact number, the places you mentioned make filters based on tests of this kind and others, of course there is some weight to where you came from, but my point is that if you bring with you a passing experience that you have accumulated yourself and know not only what you have learned, Engineering is a dynamic profession, you always have to learn and develop with your chosen profession and not to freeze in place and say I studied at the Technion so I know everything and I will get anywhere I want.

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That the Unbierastas would not get under. A little competition will not hurt.

Yes places like And MicroSoft will consider degrees from prestigious universities. Besides, who said it was so good to work in these gray corporations?

There are also places that demand a degree with honors, which is even more ridiculous. One would think that someone who has two points in the final score is much more capable, experienced, or wise.

You can also reach large companies even without a degree, in case they bought the company you work in.

In general, a degree from a university helps a lot and gives you a lot of peace of mind.

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