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Do not know what to learn from an unobtrusive degree or course and try to find the domain that suits me


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Hi I am a very serious dilemma. I will tell my story briefly. I am a 22 son. I have not been working for a year and have not studied after an accident. I have been through work and after inquiries, I found out that National Insurance can finance my studies.

For the first time, I thought of a management course Short and simple that will also give me employment at this time and also have a connection to computers but after meeting with social worker on behalf of Social Security I was told that I can receive full funding for the title any degree I want.

The bottom line is that I do not have a full matriculation certificate, so I will have to complete and I do not have a preferred option for degree studies. There are a lot of fields that I like and I do not know by what to make the decision from sentences to software engineering, etc. So so I'm confused despite the privilege of funding, I do not know if this degree is what suits me especially since I do not have the field that I am really sure about 100% in which I would like to engage in the future. However, this course is a short way, even if I change my mind, Yield me employment later whether it's temporary or permanent but it does not take away 4-5 years.

I would be happy to help and to express my opinion

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It was not last year.

So the discussion was about a software testing course or a manager After I found out that I can get funding for a degree that is a tremendous incentive. I am in a dilemma between a course and a degree. I really want to learn something because it will open the doors for me in the future, which is actually a degree but I am afraid of a situation where I will have less interest in the field.

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We've already moved on to 2015. :)

Your question is too general.

A course at a false college that is Y's certification X will not open any door to you and there is even a pretty good chance that you will not connect to the material because you do not apply this knowledge every day.

An academic degree is a much longer and more complex course. You need to prepare yourself and also understand what awaits you there.

Look at the study material and see which existing jobs can give experience in the field or employ people who are students or just graduated.

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