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Industrial Engineering


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I am also looking for direction and when I checked on industry and management I read a lot of counter comments ("Engineering and Travel" as they said above) so I recommend you sit on your ass and read about any PROS & CONS profession

I will also recommend you to go to university only if you can even improve your matriculation / psycho what is necessary, always strive for the highest marble.

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First of all, it is "industrial engineering management" or "industrial engineering", not "engineering and industrial management."

I am an industrial and management engineer from Shenkar. I think Shenkar has some advantage in terms of the degree of prestige in the industry, although this is not very significant. I recommend going to open days in institutions and feeling a bit of what you feel after that. In general, go for some open days, even in things you are less likely to go to study. Perhaps this will enlighten you on new things, expand your horizons of thought on the subject.

As for the profession itself: I certainly think that this is a good study. That the fanatics and fools would call it "her deeds and a trip" to health. However - I would recommend that you also examine a number of other engineering subjects seriously. The average wage of an industrial engineering graduate is relatively low. The supply of jobs for graduates is also included in many non-engineering jobs, simply because the graduates' supply is so great. As far as I am concerned, today, going to study a profession whose graduates offer in such a large market is a disadvantage. That is, the significant disadvantage is not in the field itself, but in the field relative to the market. So I was not aware of this.

I recommend starting with a few questions (for yourself or here):

What do you actually see yourself doing at your job, after graduation?

What things to this day have made you satisfied with work or the army?

How much of a reward parameter is important to you?

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Every institution has "expertise", for the most part. So if I went to another field, I might have gone to another institution. But Shenkar Engineering is considered to be the best (also in plastics and chemistry) and has been studying it for over 40 years (it started from industrial management).

Would I go to learn another profession? Yes. I would hesitate between software engineering and plastics engineering. It has to do with both my personal interests and the market situation. Of course I have friends in the field. Quite a few. Some are more satisfied, some less. Some were, in the past, going to learn something else. Again, not because the profession itself is bad, but because of the supply of jobs that are likely to engage when you go to the market.

No one promises you that you'll start from 8. You can start from less. And let me innovate you, 8 is nothing. Of course it comes up, but where? To 14? 16? It's still nothing. I know that before school this sounds a huge sum, but it is not. Sure and certainly when friends who develop software are earning much more, Even if they are not necessarily some experts on their field.

I'll go back. I think if you want to learn this, you owe yourself at least one answer about "why?".

So why?

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