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Looking for an agent to open a study fund


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Reverse, turn directly, and receive a lower management fee.

In Advanced Study Fund - Do not pay more than 0.7-0.8 percent of the accrual. (Even if it's not as critical as a pension, it's still a shame)

That's what I thought ... but that's not the case.

I even called Altshuler and made sure, and they admit that it is more expensive than an agent.

And they are not willing to recommend an agent!

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If you can't bargain, I'd go the other way and not the agent.

Open there under 1.2% conditions

Assuming that your salary is NIS 20,000 and the deposit is maximum - you are a position there during the first year of NIS 24, which means an average balance of NIS 12.

After a year you bargain, you'll be easier.

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In fact, it is even less so that the maximum tax-free deposit is a ceiling of just under 16000 a month. So no one is depositing anymore.

I entrust more ...

Pays tax on the value of the excess deposit, but enjoys a tax exemption on earnings in the fund.

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