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Audio-Technica ATH-M50x on 99 $ ...


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The shipment costs another 20 of dollars, and they send with EMS so you will pay taxes and another 60 weighed on individual release (EMS LOSS COSTS)

This page was published as 600.

In the Adorama operation, with a simple delivery via shipitto the price will be about 99 USD, plus 15-20 USD shipping and there is a chance that the product will not be caught at customs.

If you add the VAT, the final price will come out as 525, and if there is any luck, the final price will come out around the 450 - which is no small difference at all

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Easy update - so I ordered the headphones from Massdrop. They were sent to me at 20.7 and arrived today, really fast for my taste.

No EMS or customs or VAT fees have been charged.

It's a shame to mislead information that is not safe at 100%, and so on with such high security.

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With regard to the headphones of ATH, I have the headphones and those who want to avoid the ongoing suffering of heat in the ears to skip these headphones. The sound quality is excellent, everything is excellent. Except that after a few minutes you begin to sweat your ears and get pain in your jaw and skull.

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