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Need urgent help with connecting sockets to CAT6 at home.


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Need help quite urgently - my contractor did a shackling with CAT6 all over the house but found that he just did not know how to connect the sockets to the cables.

There is someone here (or know someone) who would be happy to come to me over the next week and connect 10-20 outlets to CAT6 cables at home for a fair fee.

I suppose for someone who has been tested for this for an hour or two, a maximum of work, is not it?

It has all the necessary equipment ...

Talk to me

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In the discussion of "networks" there is no sound and no answer so I will ask here too - I brought a professional and he insists strongly (despite the excellent manual of NETCHIEF) that a male connector can not be connected to CAT6 cable - only to corona in a female socket.

He claims that the tendons are too thick, hard to shake and are easily released - which is not the case with CAT5E.

Know that? Makes sense?

How much should such installation cost?

If it is nevertheless possible - a connection to this memory is simpler / cheaper than Corona / Guess socket (work - neglecting the socket price of course)?


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His claim is that the installers are installed in the factory with a special machine and it is impractical to do it with a manual home-pressed.

My contractor tried according to the NETCHIEF binding guide - not really successfully (and has good hands).

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You can connect a male head directly to the cable without any problem.

Note that the cat6 tendons are thicker and require the appropriate rj45 head.

As long as the wiring on both ends is arranged in a direct way (as in the directory of netcheif) everything will be fine.

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Is there a difference in "head"?

Can you send me a link to something suitable?

You need something that is easy to buy in any store, not something that is in esoteric stores or abroad, but something that can be found even far behind the dark mountains in the WC (a rack for the projector, for example, I could not find anywhere).

Users using the same "clicks" as CAT5?

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