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About screen capture

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I forgot what I was doing with the installation, I am without a vow I will try to install it again as I prefer and remember exactly what I chose installation, and if the problem still will not be solved then without a vow I will also write here exactly what I chose this installation.

- - - Unified response: - - -

Why now in Firefox that I want to watch a video of HD I get only 360 P?

And the option to copy the video from the time it was stopped no longer exists?

What's the problem?

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Let's stop for a moment, take a deep breath and ....

Ok now we will continue.

Let us explain exactly what you are trying to do, what you have already tried and what the result of what you have done.

After we have these details, it will be possible to continue.

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I installed a virtual machine as they showed in a video on YouTube,

But after the installation I press this START option does not take me to the LIVE Of the Linux and I could not figure out the reason?

This video shows installation and use of the installation I was able to install but on the use of it does not work for me contrary to the fact that this video is pressing START that it works Windows from the LIVE CD.

Instead I get a capture screen.

my.php? i = mnzgwyjnd0qz.bmpmnzgwyjnd0qz.bmp

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This is not because you probably did not connect the To the virtual machine.

Turn on the machine, connect the drive (picture), and test the machine.

You may need to change the bot order in the machine BIOS. Do not know exactly how it works in virtualbox but when you turn on the machine you will see for a few seconds the possibility to enter bios settings as on a normal computer. From there, First in the bot


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