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An engineer with experience or an engineer without what is better?


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I imagine that this question arises a lot and I would be happy to have some knowledge of the experience here

The problem is that unfortunately I do not have a high school diploma (I was a stupid child in my past unfortunately) My question is given that I have more time to complete my matriculation exams and psychometric tests, which will take some time. (I'm sure that everyone here knows people who have blown their titles and end up working at something that has nothing to do with their original field) or to do a practical engineer and use time. That I saved (both during the study and in the time of accumulating the terms of acceptance from heaven The more low) to begin to gain experience in the market, the fact is experience brings wisdom

I imagine that there are quite a few people working in electronics. I would be happy if someone here who works in the field will also write it down (if you can also drop information on what he works / where / how long and what he learns as well) in the field

Thank you

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You'll learn engineering,

I am an electrical engineer with 7 years experience, and earns money.

Now a beginner engineer will also deal with more interesting things and will get paid 2 sx.

And his SEO options are much better than mine.

So it is better for you to invest.

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I currently have English 4 units and Bible history in Linguistics and Computer Science 3 units

What leaves the

Math 4 Units

Tongue b




I think it's possible to do this and get into October as 16

It should work about that way

January-February: Matriculation matriculation completion + vocational or 2 subjects are easier

April-May: Psychometric

June-July: The rest of the matriculation exams and the beginning of a preparatory program in physics that will end with the beginning of studies

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First check where you see yourself studying, check what you need to do exactly to get yourself there, and make sure to call and check different admission options and etc. so you know exactly what you need to do and what grades to spend. Use your time wisely.

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If there is an option to learn engineering - go for it without a doubt!

Do a preparatory course / complete your matriculation exams, do a psychometric exam.

As they have recommended - check to see which grades you should get to be accepted to the place you want, but if you do not get accepted where you want to be sure you can find a place to receive you.

Of course, it is better to study in a "reputed" place, but I also know a lot of people who studied in less well-considered places and did well at work.

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Thank you very much everyone I am probably a child on engineering studies which leaves the question where?

I'm debating between Afeka or HIT and I realized they are the leaders in the field and someone has personal experience or knowledge about one of them that he can share?

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If these institutions lead in any area then it is between The colleges .

As for HIT, I can still understand that the college is quite familiar in the labor market and the level there is quite high. As for Afeka, I do not think they have any preference over any other college that grants a bachelor's degree in engineering.

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