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What is the reason for Linux in both the Google browser and the Firefox browser on YouTube that I choose in the view mode screen

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You know ... because of a bug in the site or browser, where the movie should be opened is located on the screen differently, and then because of another bug the movie does not open to any size it should be open

Look for what others are saying about the phenomenon or try to arrange it (or at least see if it is influenced by someone) in trial and error

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I did a test and saw that I opened another user in Linux so there is no problem and I do not know how to fix it

If there is no choice then how do I reset all settings in my main user account in Linux?

I installed a TIMESHIFT recovery program but because it does not have any restore points before I can not go back to the previous state and before that it was not in my Linux user either.

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Ok, bug settings. You can delete the specific software settings, thus finding who is the source of the problem

If you allow hidden files to be displayed in the file manager, your home folder has many folders whose name starts at a point (these are hidden folders). Simply delete the folder or file that corresponds to the program you want to reset. The folders can be in places like (for example, if the software name is software):

~ / .software
~ / .config / software
~ / .local / software
~ / .kde4 / share / apps / software
~ / .kde4 / share / config / software

Obviously if your desktop is not KDE but something else, the folder names can change accordingly

These folders are equivalent to the application data folders in Windows

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I chose to transfer the files to the trash bin

Do I need to restart my computer to feel the change? Or is it enough just to restart the web browser?

I noticed that if on YouTube I choose English rather than Hebrew then there is no problem watching the state of .

And that in another user I change the YouTube to Hebrew language then the problem of viewing the viewer returns to the status of .

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