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The Open University


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I considered becoming professional in a certain direction (computer science, in high school I studied software engineering - from what I understood The computer is more in the theoretical direction of research, etc., and more software-focused software engineering, correct me if I'm wrong) and retraining from the profession I have today (computer technicians and networks).

In short, because of the lack of free time for traditional educational institutions, I was interested in Open University because they offered an academic degree. In addition, I read reviews from people who studied there, indicating that the level is very good.

In any case, someone studied at the Open University and can give an opinion as to whether this institution is quality and equal to the financial investment, time and effort.

Better a college?

It is better to do all the pre-psychometric and other courses and try to be admitted to the university while changing the world order so that I have time to go there to study?

For me, the main advantage is flexible hours.


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There is really no need to expand too much.

This is a quality institution, and the courses are very demanding and of a high standard. There is more flexibility for the student than for a regular university.

I study there and am very pleased. The independent learning method is very good for me.

And those who need frontal guidance (strange) also have it.

To the ordinary person who has no problem at all in doing the degree at an institution such as Tel Aviv University / Technion / Beer Sheva etc. I do not recommend the open. The institution is not suitable for most of the people I met, it seems that most people still benefit from an organized framework with other people around (social life) and the title at the opening tends to lengthen beyond a regular institution.

But for those with a suitable learning method, this is an excellent institution that I feel is at the top of the best.

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From what I understood, I need an English course for those who go to study there for the first time after taking some kind of knowledge test, and I saw that there are certain courses that come with a recommendation for a course of recognition or refreshment (eg math courses). I got the impression that it was worth it ... if it was already then.

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I have a full exemption from English, so I do not understand much about it. You will do the sorting test and you may also get an exemption.

As for mathematics, I do not know exactly what you're talking about, I guess maybe about Anshev Math ... A nice course, 6 a gift that can be used to acclimatize in an institution.

These 6 points need to be completed at some point and the majority take it. There is also an option to take some other scientific course, but most take a window and rightly so.

The rest of the mathematics you've been studying in the courses themselves, as a discrete course that is a foundation course.

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I will just throw out here that for reasons like this and others I do not have a matriculation certificate and most likely I did not go to high school because I forgot about lack of use so there may be some point in doing something before, especially deterring me from math. It's not that I'm having a hard time on the subject - but I have a phenomenon from the time of the school that during my studies I am sharp and proud and control the material and after a year without touching it I just forget it.

This is indeed a math box.

By the way, I saw that over 100 credits are required for a bachelor's degree, and that's more than the number that appears in the list of courses of a military academy, and they combine courses from other disciplines such as mathematics and software engineering.

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One-third of the degree is mathematics ... and quite a bit later is based on mathematics in one form or another.

What you did in high school does not really matter the truth in my opinion. Maybe you'll have a bit harder at first, say you'll need to understand induction and a few small things for the first time, but the material exists and is structured in courses, you just have to sit and study it properly.

Of course, as you may have already heard, the pace of instruction is about the same, so all the 5 material is finished in two weeks. Some of the things do not even curve and you have to learn right on your own.

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The eventual employment of graduates in computer science and software engineering is the same, in the labor market there is no one's superior over the other.

The Open University is a good place to study if you want to integrate other things in the course of the degree. In my opinion, it is not inferior to the universities, as it says here, but the difficulty is of a different kind (not necessarily more difficult).


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Not that I want to despair you, but I think the percentage of the finalists is the lowest

And this is for many reasons, one of which is the long time to finish the degree.

(Another good reason is not to activate filtering mechanism for registrants and then many find that it does not suit them, regardless of the long time)

I can attest to myself as a graduate of the Open that at first it seems easy but in the middle you have to catch yourself strong and strong.

But it is suitable for those who can not devote themselves to a regular schedule of studies.

All in all, at the graduation ceremony in Ra'anana, there were people with me who had finished.

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I learned an element of management unrelated to computers

Not familiar with your plan but for me the most important was to take enough courses including summer so as not to stretch the studies too much.

And of course quickly do the exam in English. I got 3 points less than the exemption but I've seen those who stuck with it to the end.

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