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Interested in starting a degree in Computer Science


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I would like to learn from it because there is more flexibility in terms of the courses I wanted to know opinions from people who studied there and including the title whether he opened doors for them or after the degree you did not work in the field.

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Not exactly as you describe ... So first it's an Android studio : Rolleyes:

Second, it's a bit more than writing code in front of the IDE all day long. There is also a lot of planning, problem solving, web digging, writing libraries and more.

Sometimes, too, we try to do a bit of dealing with a server side to learn. We try every two weeks to do Android / iOS enrichment and adopt new primerworks or things that will improve our capabilities and productivity.

There is always satisfaction when you succeed in solving problems. When you succeed in writing an especially effective or elegant code, it is always fun to see your work bearing fruit.

It is worth understanding that the field of computer science is a broad field that includes many sub-fields: software engineering, image processing, algorithms, cryptography, computer graphics, computational learning, artificial intelligence, research in computer science, computer architecture, And communications, distributed algorithms, parallelism, performance research, software testing and much more.

Of course, in the end, most of the applied part includes software engineering, or software. Many times these include one or more of the areas I mentioned above. Think about all Which you have known in recent years.

So aside from sitting and writing code, there are people who develop algorithms (and then someone realizes them in writing code). Some architects do the planning of writing the code from a broader perspective (components, how to implement everything, setting an outline, what resources to invest on what and what) There are people who do a lot of math to open up all kinds of other fields, some people develop developer tools, and many things that do not necessarily include code writing all day long.

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Excellent and from the point of view of the Open University in terms of the tools to succeed in studies, do you feel that you have been needed when needed?

And only to note that I come from another area of ​​life. Is the field of work wide and unsteady?

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Why do you want to study computer science if you do not like programming?

Is not it better for you to study business administration and become a manager?

If you start out as a programmer in a company there is a good chance to become a manager but you will have to go several years as a software engineer to have the option to be a manager and then you will need to be a program manager.

Maybe you can explain why you want to study computer science?

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Friends I will probably go for a degree in computer science and application systems this is a dual degree I am supposed to choose another degree in addition I am undecided between communication and management, and I realized that in industry this degree and the pure degree of computer science are quite equal.

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The truth is that they are really almost equal in industry.

Even when you are asked to interview questions in computer science, it is usually first-year material and maybe a third term.

And you'll learn this stuff in both places.

Note that I assume that I will not develop complicated algorithms, for example in the field of images, sound or . In any case, graduates are almost always interested in computer science or math or physics.

If anyone disagrees with me I would love to hear that from my experience in the industry the weight of the degrees is the same. (As stated, in the vast majority of cases)

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