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Need computer math software, browse "digital notebook"


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Hey, I have to start learning and practicing math and have a little problem of order and organization in the fact with the pen and page.
It slows down the pace of my work, interrupts the thread of my mind, and makes me completely useless.
Regardless, everything I do with a keyboard and mouse I just manage to do well and significantly more efficiently and quickly: EmojiSmiley-51: 
It is clear to me that I must improve my situation because in the end the test will be on top of a page, but nevertheless at the moment I am under a crazy pressure of time.
That is why I thought of eliminating this factor and focusing on the material itself and working technique for solving it.


Looking for a computer software spring for math that will simply replace me with the embedded notebook. 
I just emphasize that I am No I'm looking for an equation calculator that will tell me the answer and show the way (actually do the work for me) 
It's just a 'clean page' where I can arrange the equations and show the way to a solution with the keyboard because the handwriting just makes it difficult for me. 
For that matter what I expect is parallel Word will only have equations and functions instead of creatives. Will be most effective even if it contains 'shortcuts' for the formulation of formulas.
Incidentally, an option for trigonometry will not damage the series and all that is needed beyond algebra, which of course is the basic requirement.


We are talking about refreshing and learning material for matriculation in mathematics, currently 003, so of course the requirements for the software are in accordance with ...
I learn material from the internet and instead throw it up on the page with a pen, I want and expect to vomit it already inside the computer and get a more organized process, 
This will give me maximum efficiency because I must be spooky spawn while 10 days and I really (but really) do not remember anything (nothing!) From high school.
Then each recommendation will be welcomed ;) 
 Thanks !

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After checking all the recommended programs I felt that there was no freedom to place the calculation at your convenience.

You are very chained and the access there is quite terrible in all ... I do not see how I manage to work on it in a standard way. 


In the end, I went to the traditional method, and again, very quickly, I was struck by a mistake that was caused by confusion of disorder and organization. 

I sat down to solve one exercise about 7 times from start to finish and each time I got a completely different result X_X. 

I try to understand what was the cause and apparently indecisiveness in organizing and arranging the page,

They are the ones that cause the confusion that leads to a combination of two different 'arrangements' that give rise to an error ... 


Probably only practice will be helpful here ...


But regardless, this notebook suffered in comparison to a computer workstation. Sitting with a humiliated look down instead of looking at eye level

The spiral at the end drives the hand crazy and the angle of the lamp becomes no less important than the angle of the sun.

It's a shame that there is no more successful and accessible tool for a digital notebook. 

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For high school mathematics I think that would be enough for you:

There are all sorts of pretty nice and intuitive keyboard shortcuts, and it's a total Unicode, so you can paste it almost anywhere and it should work well.

Beyond that, it seems that you already understand alone that a computer editor is not going to solve all the mistakes of calculation, but practice - which is certainly the correct conclusion.

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Microsoft OneNote Live!

I use the software as a Personal Data Base

All my pdfs there, ideas, degree notebooks, software, also drawing formulas a bit similar and in much simpler places than Latex. Press Alt + "+" and start recording. 

You'll also find a table of commands for the formula option (not all similar to Latex)

Another thing is Win + S - Capture whatever on screen and insert it into your OneNote notebook. 

In addition, there are no problems with Hebrew.

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