To prove an innovative concept, a WEB programmer is needed, priority for those with knowledge in Cross-platform - Studies and job offers - HWzone Forums
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To prove an innovative concept, a WEB programmer is needed, a priority for those with knowledge in Cross-platform


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An advanced stage of development In the field of nightlife, who wants to test a revolutionary design concept that has not been seen so far (yet not too complex), he is looking for a programmer WEB experienced.

Preference for those with knowledge Cross-platform (xamarin, Cordova, phonegap).


*The project has already attracted curiosity from a number of investors and experts in the field 

*The application is very well established, if it is in terms of application structure, economic model, profitable, advertising and with a work plan with a far horizon to spread to additional fields and markets worldwide.


If you have interest in development Innovative and ambitious that may sweep up many profits and you would like to hear more about the project

We will be happy to receive your resume and portfolio, if it seems appropriate that you coordinate a meeting that is signed by signing a confidentiality agreement . (NDA)

So that we can shed light on the missing details and the business plan.


For further information and email, please contact me in a private message.

* Written in the masculine gender for convenience only, but intended for both men and women.




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