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High-tech work without experience / degree


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Ahlan friends, my greatest love has always been And computers in particular, I am 29 years old, do not find myself in more physical jobs, after over a decade of such jobs.

I want to enter the high-tech field, are there areas that I should focus on that I can be accepted without experience / studies?

Is there no escape from taking any course?

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There is no such animal, it is impossible.

With courses it is possible to be accepted maybe only for the work of SYSADMIN (if you call it high-tech) and also it is not so simple without experience, will always prefer which child

Who left the army with experience than one with a diploma from a course and without experience.

Any other field like programming needs a degree unless you're some kind of cannon with lots of experience.

Maybe the only thing that can be accepted is QA (again, if you happen to be a high-tech company) and here too, not all QA work.


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You have a few options in my opinion,

1. Try to work in a technical support provider -> If you do not suffer too much there then you can decide what to do next.

2. You have employment service free courses as a job requires and from time to time they have courses of QA / Technician of one kind or another Co..

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Today I was at the Employment Bureau, they suggested that I be a welder :(

I told him that if there was a normal course to keep me informed.

In the meantime I am on the boards and with friends who are also checking me in all kinds of places.

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There are lots of groups on Facebook, recommend you to put your resume in Runner and mark where you want jobs only in the field related to computers.

What they said here is quite true, a starting point for you will probably be a HELPDESK or QA manual (both of them are usually not required for a real experience and you have basic knowledge so that's enough)

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Quote of lompy

By the way there are also HELP DESK jobs if it suits you. As an amateur Technology And computers I'm sure you have enough knowledge to work in this field.


To the sorrow of all of us (as customers), there is no need No knowledge Computers / Technology To be a technical support representative ... you just need to know how to read a shelf.

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I can be a technical support representative, I know the order of the operations by heart, disconnect the modem from the power and connect after about 30 seconds, restart the computer, disconnect the toaster and connect after about 30 seconds,

I promise to be a much more technical technical support representative than those students who do not know what an actual modem looks like.


Regarding your question @multicore

I love computers both on the hardware side and on the software side, but I do not understand much about networks, for example.

I would also like to know the world of applications for IOS and Android.

Building sites also sounds like a very interesting thing to me.

I really like working in Photoshop and AutoCAD, I really like graphic design (as far as I know, of course).

Loves electronics in general, especially stereo and home theater, mobile gadgets, etc.

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Hallucinatory, but I've heard them on the phone getting confused, sighing, swallowing words, just have no idea what they're talking about.


@Idanh Thanks, I sent Brunner the resume, I received emails from several dozen companies that received the resume, have not yet called me.

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