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Upgrade processor to laptop


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I have it של Old model ex400 with processor t3400 socket p 478

65nm with 1 Mega Cash. 

Motherboard micro star ms-1433.

BIOS version 1.14


I would like to upgrade a processor to t9300 with 45nm that will be much more economical and cool. 


The question of whether it will fit with certainty? 

Ascending 70 chess on eBay. 


System details are included in the images. 



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A. Are you sure you can even replace a processor on your laptop? Did you check that this is not a processor that is soldered on the motherboard?

B. I can not quite find a list of Which are supported by the chipset on the above computer, so I can not tell if your computer at all can work with a processor like the one you are interested in.

third. Even if the chipset supports the processor you are interested in, the computer itself is not guaranteed to support it. The reason is that computers Usually the hardware / BIOS level is programmed to accept only certain hardware components, so even if there is no problem with sections A and B, the computer simply will not agree to work with the processor you want.


I suggest that you check the Internet to see if someone has managed to install the same processor on your laptop as the one you are interested in and see if it has succeeded.

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Quote of chenrp

Install on the same t6400 computer 

If this is true then probably the processor is not soldered on the motherboard, but it still does not prove that it can be installed on another processor. 


The only thing at this point that I can offer you is to ask the seller if he has any idea whether this processor fits your computer. For example, work with the T9300 processor this The seller wrote:

a quote

We does not guarantee compatibility if buyer never asked us, so please remember ask compatibility before purchase if you are not sure.


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  • 1 month later ...

Came the T9300 processor.

Everything works much faster than the T3400 processor.

The temperatures have dropped significantly and the battery time has risen greatly! 

Need some time to check in but it seems like I got a new computer!

Now should also And we're done!


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Interesting - I did not expect it to work. I would expect an improvement of 15% to 20% in performance (this is the ratio of processor workloads plus volume The T2 L9300 cache). If this was a big improvement, it could be because it refreshed the thermal ointment between the processor and the heat sink (and probably cleaned it).


In any case, renew and enjoy.

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Refreshing a thermal paste I nodded before and did not help.

The new processor supports low energy consumption in IDLE and also in a much lower temperature effort.

There is a big difference in nm of their production. Maybe that's the difference in temperature.

The difference in speed is enormous.

What I earned except for all these is battery time.

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