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My first water cooling project, I blame OCD


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Hello everyone, I would love to help with the loop planning I am planning for the future. 


First of all Specifications: 

CORE I7 4790K @ 4600 / 1.25V


GSKILL 16GB 8X2 2400CL10

EVGA GTX980TI @ + 200 / + 200








NZXT HUE + Advanced Lighting

NZXT IU01 Extension board


ACER XB270HU 1440P GSYNC Monitor


As you see I've been with Water AIO 280MM also for a graphics card (in the front of the case) and also for a processor (at the top of the case). 

But I also feel good to see that ... OCD -_-

The plan is to make the transition when 1080TI is released, even if it takes 4 months there is no problem because I see that in my car Water does not change anything big ... no components and not really prices. 

So that's why I feel comfortable doing the planning stage and building a shopping list (and maybe even buying a little bit of junk) so early. Either way, by the end of the year on Christmas vacation here, I'm not planning to put together anything. 


I investigated how much I had been able over the last week about components. 

Until now I have closed (almost) on these components: 


- Integrated Pump Water Tank EK-XRES 100 Revo D5 PWM (incl. Pump)

Block for EK-Supremacy EVO processor - Gold

- EK card block with nickel coating + Rear panel to fit 1080TI when available (probably a block I can buy when it exists)


Fan ML140 PRO that I already have, PUSH only 

- Rigid rigid PETG pipe 10 / 13 or 10 / 16 depending on what you recommend, I would go on glass but because it is the first construction of Water for me I said I became stiff for the passoon but did not get too complicated 

- Liquid will be clear and simple, distilled water, with silver coil or PT NUKE PHN

- Drain valve I will place the card between the screen and the pump


Before the questions and concerns phase, I made a loop planning diagram. The picture of the background is not of my case because I could not take a normal picture. But the same case, so in terms of space it's the same place. 




Critical level questions and concerns: 


1. I read that using a silver coil loop (my preferred approach) with EK blocks with nickel plating can create a problem, and in the same breath also that it is only on their old blocks with a (supposedly) nickel plating process different from today, your experience? 


2. A gold-plated processor block looks good, is there any concern about the addition of gold to the loop? 


3. The radiators I chose have the highest cooling performance for radiators with a thickness of 30 mm, in the same breath they are also the highest flow restrictors of all radiators in the same category by a considerable margin, I have room to worry with the pump I chose? Aimed for quiet and fans that will not exceed 1300 rpm. 


4. Thickness of PETG pipes, what do you recommend? The maximum 2 bending plan is for the pipe at 90 degrees. 


5. FITTINGS! In terms of appearance I really do not connect to the scribbled logo that BITSPOWER push in every part, BARROW hard to find, and in EK I really like the black nickel, have quality concerns with EK? Did anyone here have a leak from EK's shooting that had to do with Fitting? 


6. Want to control the fans according to the liquid temperature and also know the flow rate (GPM), not to know with the pump dead because the temperatures will tell me faster, but to reach an optimal flow rate of 1.0-1.5GPM, maybe even set the pump operating range with Liquid temperature Like the fans, my problem is that the INLINE liquid temperature sensors are easy to find, but a flow sensor ... Another story, most of them large and bulky, does not fit in a small case. I found a KOOLANCE sensor that is solid, really tubular, but the interface is not something, any recommendations? 


These are the sensors I planned for the first time:


This is KOOLANCE's flow sensor:


Anyway, I'd love to hear thoughts and ideas :D


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Very interesting, I read somewhere that they are all manufactured by the same OEM. Makes sense if this is true, I as a factory manager would have priced such a very high portion unless I would have received a minimum order quantity of 200K units. So probably a factory that deals "big" only with connectors of this type. 

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Here, I took a picture for comparison (I have to calibrate the lens for better focus .... left my nonsense)

4 authors: EK HD 16, BARROW HD 12, BARROW HDC 12 90 DEGREES, BARROW HDC 16

The BARROW is exactly the same for BP and the quality is excellent.

The four connectors: EK on the left and then the BARNW 16, the 12 and the end of the connector 90 are 12.


 The EK HD 16









And BARROW 12 at an angle of 90 degrees with built-in COMPRESSION connectors


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Good comparison, good to have an opinion and experience. 

I ran into it half an hour ago: 



In general, he also praises the BARROW and points to the differences that are large in small nuances. 


I think I'll go on BARROW, do you have any idea where to order? 






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Yes, it was only there that I found that I did not like the sight :( 

Is the EK at a high quality level? They seem to me the most attractive and visual according to personal taste ... 


By the way, from your experience, do you have information about the other questions? These are the critical points where I was stuck ...

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I also checked them, look at the level, but one thing is a bit worrisome, it seems that their compression cap is made of aluminum, not bad because it does not come into contact with the water but there is a screw, and aluminum is very soft material ...

When you combine two parts with the screw and the materials are barely different then the soft material can be "smeared" when you use force, which is done when we compress the compression fitting. 


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That's what I thought, too. I wonder if the other companies are doing the same trick but they do not say ... I know the dyeing process on anesthesia, and to the best of my knowledge, the process can only be done on aluminum, titanium, and magnesium. 

I do not know of any other coating process (not coating) in the metals ... maybe he took it but it does not hold. 


From EK's website: 

a quote

The barb is made of nickel-plated CNC machined brass and the ring is made of anodized CNC machined aluminum


Logic works overtime lol, so it removes some of the worry. 

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