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Consultation on studies - very detailed.


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A little background about myself that might help you to focus on me professionally.

I studied software engineering at the Technion, in addition to completing a webmaster course at John Bryce.

I have not been able to find such programming work, I've worked on CRM implementation, and now I work as a debugger and cross-platform problems with configuration,


I want to study one of the following courses, the college I teach will probably be the acrobatic but it is also under examination (I do not believe that they are offering a job commitment but I realized that it is with a signed contract .. I still do not get excited about it).

What interests me is either QA or development studies Androide .

My English is basic and not beyond that, which makes it a bit harder for me today, but I adapt to it and learn and improve over time .. Passive.


Development This course is not cheap but very intriguing, and software testing may be less intriguing but I have confidence that it will be much easier to find in it work


I would be happy to receive tips and advice.

Thanks in advance!


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