Problem with the use of the 2 hand site
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Problem using 2 hand site

A sympathetic guest

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A sympathetic guest

Each time I enter the 2 hand site at which point the next message pops up

Cookies are off

The site uses the service For the purpose of preventing online attacks.
Cookies are supported by the browser to view the site.
Please enable cookies in your browser and try again.

מספר פניה: 68a03de00c583317fd10393338ea199f
Contact a customer service center
Phone: 03-5522222
A national call center operates on Sundays
Hours 09: 00-18: 00


When I turn on the cookies, the same message pops up for me only without the cookies ...

A Google search shows that this is a factory that is completely unrelated ... This is the only site that happens to me in this post, I have a Windows 10 with the most up to date roaming.

I did a scan found nothing, anyone know the phenomenon?

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Does it happen in Chrome or Explorer? Have you tried other browsers?

In all browsers, even on the computer Another one that is in my house with the same software data is happening.

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Interesting ... maybe it's by IP

Tried to disconnect the router from the power for 20 seconds to return and try again to access the site.


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Try closing the browser to run a scan of CCLEANER

Then change DNS manually on local computer: Start> Run> ncpa.cpl> Right click


Below in DNS, change to and try again.



Wow thank you !!! :)

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