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Change of direction, help with employment counseling?

Idan P.

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Hello everyone, I am Idan, 30, from Sharon.

After the army I worked for several years in call centers mainly in service and technical support (ICT, HOT and HP) Physical light work but you come out every day with an inflated head from stories complaints and problems ...

About 4 years ago I studied practical engineer And since then I have been working in Mazda, Ford, Mercedes and Renault-Nissan garages. Although all the positions were diagnostic functions, I am very dissatisfied with the field.

The work is still very physical and dirty, all day on your feet, dying of heat in the summer and cold in the winter, lots of small injuries pushing hands to places to reach the X sensor or Y connector and the other "human material" in the garage does not help to get a positive opinion about the profession.

In addition to everything, I am also very bothered by the psychological aspect, to see from the inside day after day the scams that go on in the garages just disgusts me ...


Everything mentioned above directs me to the fact that I am looking for a change of direction but why? To which field? 

After all I have already gone with the section of "what do you like to do", I really like the automotive field but the disappointment from the actual profession is very big and now I feel completely directionless.

SEARCH It's easy to get dozens of options for counseling, some of them look quite serious and some are less ... I wanted to know if anyone from here experienced it and if it really helps, what places are recommended and so on ...


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Hello Idan.


I hope you have gone through the age of innocence without heavy precipitation

And is glad to see that the combo is never sucked into the world because "that's how everyone does it."


Unfortunately but also joy, the thing is not black and white.

Much  Quite a few pilots turn into confectioners, high-techs open a nursery

Etc. etc'. I mean it's not enough to find a job (although it's always good and nice)

First you have to find yourself. What will give you your corner and rest and inheritance.


And for this reason, there is nothing to prevent but to use advice and even more than one and preferably 

Do not rule out ideas that at the moment seem not to be in your direction at all.


Luckily, I did not really need professional advice, it does not make me any better / better than others

And vice versa so I can not refer you specifically to any of them, but I recommend taking advantage of the possibility.



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