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Think about studying and without any background in high-tech


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I am a 35 son, a music teacher, with no special background in computers, 

What language should you learn so that there is a good chance of finding a job? I read somewhere that it is better to learn JS and not JAVA because JAVA is 

A language that old societies and antiques are based on and it will probably be pushed by languages ​​that are "the future" like JS. Is there such a trend in the programming world

In the context of other languages ​​or is it bullshit?

John Bryce good or rogue ?, how did u HACKER?

Anyone know someone who has studied in these places and really found a job ?, Recommendations for another place?

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Many want to work in high-tech,  
But some are not suitable for this because of a serious lack of interest in delving into the field of study.

Wait a minute while doing some course,
And will independently learn a programming language, preferably one that is considered a market leader today 

Take a look at job sites to see the popularity of programming language in the market today.

If after a long period of self-study,
You still have a craving for that sign that you can adapt to work in the field.  
If you're one of those people who's bored, then with all the sorrow involved
Need to look for another area of ​​practice.  

Suppose it's really interesting to you so it's good to do some projects, 
So you can prove knowledge to the employer.    
Talented programmers are a sought-after commodity and can work in many places
Even without one degree or course or another. 
(Of course there are places that require a degree, but many do not require it, for them the main thing is proven knowledge)

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Thank you Yehudaa On the answer,

Are there any good places to study online? For example, how are the courses on udemy?

I saw that they had courses for Java and JavaScript and also for Android programming.

Is there perhaps another place recommended?


Another question, what language should I learn if I want to focus on Android programming ?, what is called development (Also for iPhone)


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Keep in mind that in high tech you are considered very old. Both old and inexperienced will be very hard to find a job and almost all your referrals will not even get an answer.

My friend is a qualified engineer and with experience, 33 has been looking for work for more than two years and usually does not even get a negative answer.

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If you can do a degree. It gives you knowledge in math and understanding how your computer works.

I think you can get into work even in old age. You just have to find your niche. Many times companies like young programmers that are easy to exploit and work many hours with low wages.

But since you are a music teacher, you have an advantage if you specialize in the field of Including anything related to acoustics or waves of sound.

You may find it more difficult to get accepted for a lot of jobs, but you only have to work in one job. In my opinion, the field of music can give you exactly the advantage to certain companies that are involved in the field.

Just remember that programming requires a lot of investment. Maybe you can work as an algorithmic, which requires a bit less coding experience, but it takes more math.

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If you've already learned cobalt. (Kobol? Yes! Kobol!)

Surprisingly, Kobol is in great demand for organizations with a central computer. Amdocs even ran the Cobol course

To new programmers last year because of the shortage and demand.

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Wow that's what's called taking wind out of sails not to say burn them on the road, I was hoping for answers like

"A great idea for you! The market is in a crazy shortage of programmers, they send you a special taxi for a job interview, the main thing is that you come"

(Maybe not so much but something in style ..., even without a taxi I would agree to come for an interview :))

Oh well, thanks for the honesty and important information about the market nowadays !, 

Maybe we'll do some online course for curiosity and brainwashing

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You can start from the course of (For free), this is mainly web programming though they are working on courses in additional areas. As mentioned, even a course of several months will not take you from scratch Experience in the field of finding a job in high-tech as there is no short course that will lead me to become a music teacher when the last time I touched a musical instrument was a fourth-:D  

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