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Debating between air cooling and liquid cooling for the Intel 8700K processor


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Hello everyone,

Very soon I am buying a computer with 8700K 's processor As soon as I leave, I hesitate between Air of Noctua NH-D15 and NZXT Kraken X62 or Corsair H115i.

Not sure I will do OC at all and if so it will be really OC easy, but very important to me Maintenance (The body Of the processor will not be clogged with dust, compared to the maintenance of a pump that is much easier to clean the radiator from what I saw - just rinse and return) and also the aesthetics (margins).


The main concern of my switch to this radiator can be leak From such water cooling? Then of course it destroys the entire computer ..

This two concerns the long-term reliability of liquid cooling, whether they provide Fixed / steady over time (some good years) without problems?

Thank you.


Editing: I would also like to hear about Excellent air but not huge like the Noctua NH-D15, I saw the D15S - which comes with one fan, a good alternative?


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Thank you, about 9K does not include a screen and peripherals, as long as one of the coolers does not bypass the NIS 700 in liquid cooling or between 300-400 max for air cooling (in case it really justifies it).

I understand - but nevertheless I saw that 8700K is pretty hot on Stock too, so I'm interested in quality cooling.


You can list suggestions (whether this is a request) Air or liquid)?


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Do not think we should go into water cooling, buy Medium air for example Arctic Freezer XTREME or if you want to aim higher then indeed the D15 will be a great solution.

In terms of models, the difference between the D15 and the S-S is a more up-to-date model, comes with only one fan but still provides the same + performance, compatibility with motherboards and modern memories is better.

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