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7900x + noctua d15 is worth taking a risk and do oc


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This cooling unit is one of the best in its field (air cooling) and should be able to fly without difficulty suppliers of 200-300 watts and above.

There should be no problem with it , Provided that the processor temperature does not exceed the ceiling and approaches the ceiling in the 100 area.

** Convertible want less so it does not crash of course.


In my cautious estimate it will provide, not sure for maximum conversion, but for a reasonable delay yes.

There is nothing like trial and error in this context, as well as a reading of the sources in the Heverz network that tried to do this and report results (shave their experience).


Important Except for the cooling of the processor, this is the ventilation of the entire computer case:

If it is choked then there is a problem so that one or another heat the heat away. If it is properly ventilated, it is a healthy ground for such a preoccupation.

Another option is to work with a case that is always open, but with the risk of an object falling in or touching the inside of the computer while working,

And the creation of irreparable damage to hardware. 


This is why professionals / engineers and especially those with a lot of experience (as a result of a sad lesson from the past), work with Closed to protect

On the delicate electronics that make up a computer. incidentally Electrical and electrical engineers do not mix water and electronics And do not use

Mandatory liquid cooling. This is a hazard to equipment in the event of an accident such as a malfunction in the cooling system from which water leaks out.

And it's not really a rare event as one thinks - it happens, it will happen, and equipment will die prematurely at such events.


And for what, for a few more CPUs?

In any case, the effect of these on the machine's performance at the user's sensory level is undiagnosed.


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