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And these .. really weird because they both cost $ 400 and what changes is the Import Fees Deposit and it does not really make sense if they both cost the same ..

Listen, invite the white man and then go to their chat service and ask to switch to black. If you're going to trade the price of white on black, if you do not cancel it, just do it before you send it.

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Quote of Elad Katz

They claim that later you get back the difference between the deposit and the actual taxes, can you count on that?

Basically Yes. If you paid too much you will receive tax rebates from Amazon.

Only you can not be sure if taxes will really be lower.

However, if you buy the white and the taxes will be higher than what you have already paid, they will not require you to add, it will be on them.

That's why I recommend you pay for white if you can because it really ensures you will not have to pay more than that.

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Kingspeck SSD (also sold in the country; 3 year warranty), 120 drive for $ 42, with shipping Solid-State-Hard-Drive-KingSpec--SATA3-ACJC2M120S25/32367631520.html שווה בדיקה.

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