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Add new cooling to the processor


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I have the CoolMaster CM693 chassis (without the window)

I upgrade the computer in a trinity (processor) And mother board) 

In addition to that New to the processor (and possibly an additional chassis fan).


Due to the required fit for the 1151 socket except for the processor which I originally wanted to upgrade, I am also replacing the motherboard and memories.

The motherboard for the model - Gigabyte Z370 Gaming 7 

Processor- i7-8700K


My question is about cooling a processor .

Not designed which is the CPU's oc and if yes then not serious

I am debating between 3 and these models:

 Noctua NH-U9S

Noctua NH-U12S

Noctua NH-L12S (new model that came out. But unlike the others I mentioned is with a fan that comes in a balance)


There is also the aspect of weight. Noctua NH-U12S is heavier and weighs more than the other two. Whether or not to put such weight on the CPU and motherboard.




Given all this and the air directions of my case and the CPU temperature (including even in the case of a non-serious oc), which one do you recommend me to choose?





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God- L12S is designed for height-limiting packages with no high discharges. So I assume that his cooling capacity will be less than that High in the same price as him.

If you spend so much on You are already processing the D15S. If you're pomping from abroad I'm going for you instead:

Without OC you do not need more than that.

Also sold in Israel a little more expensive:

But I do not know this shop, I never heard of it.

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You have a website of Comparison of cooling capabilities.

Also compare noise if it matters to you.

The boards and the processor are also built for larger loads, while the risk is increased. These curls have a rear plate that makes the load better on the board.

Still a smaller load is always better.

Note that in the NH-L12S the fan can be placed over the ribs which improves cooling.

By definition, it is not the speed of the 8700k,

OC probably will.

Here is a comparison with a different fan location.

The CM fan you have been issued is likely to survive less than the desired wiring.

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I agree with you about cm, that's why I prefer the noctua

If so then my dilemma is between U9S and L12S

On the face of it, the L12S's airflow seems to be better, but on the other hand if you put the fan under the ribs there is a limit on the location of the memories, so can this also affect the limit on the location of the video card or is there no connection at all?


But if you change and put the fan up as you said it works out, but not sure if it's as effective as putting the fan down or does it matter?


And there's the chassis down below, and the front puts air in and out and the air gets out, and the question is whether it fits more Normal or balanced


 As for the CPU it is planned to frequently use graphics and run heavy games and although I am adding a chassis fan on top, would the U9S fit less?




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According to the company, the u9s are suitable for light acceleration and l12s. I do not think that for fan mode under the ribs, both the company and the inspection, if possible, it is better to put the fan over the ribs.

A fan blowing air on the ribs, I guess it's better to put the fan over the ribs because it's more efficient to pump air out of the fan cavity than the board area that's crowded there.

In the condition below the air ribs from the board area is thrown towards the ribs.

In the above-rib condition air from the middle of the chassis is thrown towards the board, relatively warm air but still causes airflow in the board area.

In short a fan in the direction of the board is also good for the board, if there is a window fan from the side it less than a year.

A fan in the direction that the movement of air between the front and rear doors is the same as the airflow of a fan coming in from the front door and pulling out in the back, it's nice and not critical in my opinion, either No video card blower throws hot air into the chassis, because it needs good air circulation inside the chassis, Large also interferes more with the flow of air inside the case.

Bottom line everything depends on the final situation, it is not that a large cooling is not good for everything other than the processor, it depends on the chassis fans, etc.

Personal if safe Or easy I would choose L12s and name a fan up, if not in u12s.

According to the L12S inspection with a fan higher than the u9s.

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