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Can be accepted to any university and can not choose


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What to learn and where to learn


My question is divided into two questions:

1. In high school I studied computer science - C # rather liked it .. I did not fly on it but I had an interesting. I do think of working at it.

I studied the degrees from software and software engineering. I realized that whoever learned from the teacher would come to the labor market faster but might have gaps (explain later the gaps between the syllabi).

On the other hand, someone who learns software engineering will come out with more in-depth knowledge but spends an unnecessary year on a project and enrichment courses.

I worked in a high-tech company in the QA job and went out to meet various people. Most of them recommended me to learn from me that experience is what really matters. I have a problem that I can not believe Even though I saw with their eyes that they were right. (And 8200 graduates without a degree are accepted based on experience and people who have proven experience in different ways).

I went through ABG's list of courses between a simulator and software and saw a fundamental difference - for example a simulator can not choose a course in object-oriented programming, software quality, systems analysis and design and computer and communication networks (for the latter there is a simulator course that is more limited called data security).

I worry that if I learn from a teacher I will miss such important courses because you can not simply choose them. On the other hand, this year that I save can be very significant.

The question is is it worth "saving" a year and learning from a simulator? Add to that the assumption that I might host the degree for another year to gain work experience.

In Hebrew, for example, it is possible to choose some of these courses that I mentioned in the framework of Medhat. The Technion also has similar elective courses.


2. Another dilemma is Where to learnIn the past, I invested in high school like crazy, I could study in Hebrew and Bar-Ilan without going to the psychometric exam, I chose not to study at these places in the end and I took the exam. 

The result is that now I can be accepted to any place I choose, Technion, Ben-Gurion with honors and actually to be accepted to any other institution with honors. 

Assuming I'm from the center and not sure whether I want to study in Tel Aviv I have to choose between Ben-Gurion, Technion and Tel Aviv. Money does not play a difference. But after plowing in high school I want to have a school life as well as it is relatively possible.


To the Technion I have to complete physics in advance, wherever else I get a part. I'm lazy about physics, but if something comes up here for a reason I did not think about, I'll invest to go to the Technion.

I am afraid of the future and fear that if I choose the wrong institution then my destiny will be sealed.



I know that my situation is good, but I treat it like life and death and prefer practical answers :)

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Want a practical answer? Your degree does not interest anyone in the medium and long term. This is relevant, perhaps, to the first job. And not necessarily there, depending on how you manage it. 


And this is true dozens of times if in any case you are deliberating among the most serious institutions in the country. Well you would throw some sort of seventh grade college, but among your options there is no difference ...






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You have nothing to treat it like life and death because it really is not.
The institution where you choose may play a part in your first job interview. After you have gained experience, no one cares.
I would recommend studying computer science at one of the universities simply because it is shorter. You will get everything you need to know from work experience - not from the degree.
In short, what the person above me said ..

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Yes, there is almost no difference at all. If you want to avoid frustration and start a career on the right foot, you will start looking for something already in the second year. To go into a girlfriend, not even a girlfriend, as a qa, or something like that. From there to automation and even some programming if the company has jobs for juniors. Then when you finish your degree you will have easier because it has been an experience. 


But even without that, if you invest 100% in the title and it will be reflected in good grades you will be able to find something worthy as a first job. It may take a few months to find the most correct / appropriate / good thing if you do not compromise at all. But find. 


If the average is good (and if the grades in the relevant courses are good) you will not really have a problem and it does not matter where you learn. And if the Zionists are not something then they compromise and still find work.


And I emphasize again - all this is going to be totally meaningless from your second job, if not before ...


* Of course all assuming that there will be colossal failure and that you are able to undergo interviews ...

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