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1060 6GB from Amazon, 1150 to Home.


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I do not want to destroy the enthusiasm, but it's better to wait for the operation on the SC version at least. I bought the card for about NIS 1000 abroad at the time, that's it The base and RPM come to 83c without overclocking under the strain of the air conditioner, and even after applying a high quality ointment.The SC card contains a body More serious under the single fan and reaches the temperature effort around the 60c. For your consideration, one who prefers a cool card with an option to Overclock.

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It very very much depends on the ambient temperatures in the case, I have 2x gtx 1080 SC ACX 3.0 and they like to boil, hardly the speed from the factory is stable, there are problems with all Another. And that's already in my second pack. In any case the slowdown \ auto-speed by supplier and heat do their own and the card does not crash, and there are no problems in games, so it's half comfort. For the time being, I solved the problem by updating the more aggressive cooling buffers that the manufacturer released and by limiting the frames to 60 and VSync.

Maintaining the And current drivers also help

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The limitation does not diminish the experience, because as it is, my screen is 60 Hz and I always run vsync. I always left the target temperature on 83 as the default, and in the summer the cards work around the 1900 core frequency, so in my work conditions anyway, , But despite the stress tests I managed to work with Of + 75 And + 410 , I canceled it because I experienced game crashes. I know I could invest in liquid cooling or additional ventilation in the package, but for the time being I'm satisfied with the current situation, especially since the cards have to sit tight under each other because my motherboard has the option to work on x16 without problems. 

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I heard but never experienced, it might have existed before SLI technology and then it could still be turned off by d3doverrider by reducing pre-produced frames or enabling triple buffering and being able to enjoy a game without screen tears and without input lag.

What I have today and I use it is a fast vsync option in the control panel, which does not adversely affect the frame rate and the experience is as if without a VSync but no ripping. Mehadrin Buyers Screenshot or Gsync . Sorry, but screen ruptures are harmful to gameplay, especially with VSync everything works more smoothly and real, and if there is a system that can provide enough frame rate, it will not affect the flow of the game

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Quote of Jabberwock

Only 1,122 weighed. Amazing, prices drop. Maybe for the arrival of new tickets?

What's amazing?

Two years ago rose not much

And since then two years have passed !!!

What's amazing is that prices hold so long without going down


Did you notice that when you ask what the price is, how much does it cost?

Why not ask how much it goes down?

And indeed prices almost always only rise


Technology and other markets have established a market in which prices are constantly falling as new and sometimes even newer technologies are introduced.

But even there prices seem to be rising at the top of the equipment.

People are willing to spend more and more on all those things that "fall in price."


Perhaps a second-hand market could benefit from the trial

How much is it going down?


Edited By Art Tatum
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