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In reality, you can work in high-tech without experience


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Hello everyone, I'm 21 and I was discharged from the army last year.


Before my release, I began to study on my own through courses from the Internet and shortly after that I started to study at the beginning, when I finished there 4 courses on average 91 (2 Mathematical Programming 2).



After I was released I worked hard (physical) work and I feel and want more than myself. I am in a very difficult period, whether in personal or economic terms. Just not finding myself.


What did he inhabit? I am looking for a way to get into high tech by the end of the year. Whether it is to study alone QA, Or take a step forward in my development. Information is not lacking on the Internet.


But my main question is, how can you really be hired as one who studies alone? Let's say the areas I mentioned are not .. such as QA and networks.



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You can combine self learning with courses in the open.
It will be better than just self-learning 
You can openly hone math, learn algorithm and data structures
There is a course that teaches C language, there is an advanced course in Java, there is a course of object-oriented programming.
And other good foundations.

But also take self-learning seriously 
Even someone who has done a bachelor’s degree must self-study otherwise his degree is worth nothing
If he does not learn the profession, what will the degree help him with? Maybe some QA servant or something managerial
And actually missed the domain.
You will study for three or four hours every day, and occasionally let yourself rest so as not to adopt too much of the mind.
Successfully !

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One more thing do not limit yourself to a year, software development is a project that takes a lifetime.
Learn consistently every day, and the good level will come eventually.
Can take several years for that, and even then have to continue with the learning.

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If you want to enter the field as quickly as possible, I suggest that you take any QA course, they usually take between two and four months, and then start working as a checker and study (alone or in a school, whatever you decide). More programming languages, and mainly practice writing codes and projects After you have experience as an examiner and nice projects you can show off, try to get job interviews.

Of course the "acceptable" and standard way to call her is to do a degree and enter the field. But not everyone is apt to do a degree. Of course, without a degree it will be harder for you and sometimes it is not possible to advance to senior positions, especially in large companies like , Microsoft and others.

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