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Cyber ​​course


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Writes for my son, a discharged soldier fighting in the Golani,

Holder of a matriculation certificate [English 5 units] with knowledge of the computer environment, with no prior knowledge in the cyber field 

Is currently applying for a cyber course 

Testimonials What is better, which course exactly, do you receive vouchers from the Bureau for Guidance for Released Soldiers?

Thanks for your help


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Indeed, there is the voucher plan. Go to one of the youth centers.

Where you can get advice and guidance. As well as the implementation of a request for the vouchers program of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.

Note that the Cyber ​​course is an advanced course, and those who go to it come with management knowledge + Programming knowledge.

If your son does not want to do a degree, there are courses of programming.

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thank you for the answer 

Do you know of a recommended course for cyber beginners [What do you recommend]

And whether after such a course he can begin work in the field and professional practice around the field of the profession?

Do you think it would be difficult for him after a course to get a job in the field?

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Again, as far as I understand, it is not easy to enter the cyber domain without a previous past. And without a background of + Programming that for a cyber should have knowledge of "everything from everything".

It may be that it will not only be difficult but also impossible. Just doing a course without thinking is not smart.

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First of all, I do not understand why the son himself can not ask these questions in the forum?

If his military service was not connected to computers and his connection to the computer world is very coincidental, I do not see a reason to jump into courses that promise you things that you are not in between.

"Cyber ​​Course" sounds like a cover name for several kinds of manufacturer certifications that pasted them together and give nothing at the end. I hope we at least give a glove of gloves and a Guy Fawkes mask at the end. :)

It's a shame that he will just burn the time and money that the Defense Ministry allocates to him as a discharged soldier.

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Indeed, one must be careful not to be caught.

First of all, it is very worthwhile for him to set up a consultation. Because he is a discharged soldier, he deserves a free consultation.

Of course you as a father should support your son and it seems that you also trust his abilities (5 English), which is definitely good.

I think it's easier to enter the world of web design (programming) even without a degree, because you do not need too much mathematics. That's my personal opinion.

Anyway, it is very worthwhile to go for advice. The site has reception hours so take a look at when possible.

Edited By Jabberwock
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Work and career separately.


If he is looking to develop a career in information security and cyber - go to graduate degrees. academy. You can go for advice.

You can also study on your own, take exams on your own but the safer way is to get an academic certificate from a reputable and reputable place.


He is young, only needs to sharpen and understand whether he is looking for a two or three year job or a career in this field.


In technological fields I would be wary of such general courses, or at least in-depth examinations.


This is a forum of quite a few computer people who will also tell you that you can learn by yourself, etc.

My reaction is more general.


My recommendation - Academy.

Edited By coch
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