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From anonymity to the bestseller list: The most lucrative SSD drive you can find today


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Just consider, longevity is limited due to the lack of a DRAM buffer component. Therefore all writings are directly to the main SLC buffer. This is fine as a standard / mass home / office drive, but for intensive work with a lot of writing, the product will play fast.

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Quote of nec_000

Take account only, limited lifespan due to lack of DRAM buffer component. Therefore all constants are directly to the main SLC buffer. It is fine as a home / office / standard / mass office drive, but for intensive work with a lot of boxes, the product will play fast.

Using HMB should be of great help, as well as the survival rating of the chips themselves is quite high. If I have to speculate, I assume that using standard Such a drive would behave similar to 5 years at least before we would see abrasion. It also drive with 32GB reserved to over-provisioning just for this purpose

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My concern is with the SLC component that serves as a buffer. According to their data, this is written to him 13 times (until the end of his life = final product warranty). Will he hold it? An interesting question. On the other hand, in a home / office use that is not something out of the ordinary, it is not a familiar situation to write so much to a drive - to half its volume daily. So apparently this figure is theoretical and it's true, in practice it is not reached. It should be noted that whoever buys this drive as a machine that performs a lot of virtualization or swap-zation, or some server with a considerable IO, this drive will not fit and will die very quickly. This is the emphasis that comes from the subject, not to get excited if it is intended for more modest uses.

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It's not new, there's been a lot of Chinese time at AllyExpress for a while. The problem with them is that the cattle commit suicide at a relatively high rate relative to the products they are obliged to. Hope this is not the case here.

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Also joins ag43 who wrote here that this is an unknown and unrecognized Chinese company. Kerry is not an international brand with a reputation.

This means that at the engineering level, the product has not undergone high-level engineering or quality control at a proper level.

In practice it means bugs at work, and a shorter life span.


The price is certainly tempting, around 300 NIS for half a tare volume instead of 500 environments.

Everyone will do his equivalent.


If you ask your little nec what he thinks, then he prefers to pay more expensive today, with the aim of ensuring many years of pleasure

Of the product without problems and annoying bugs, and therefore worth his perception of paying 500 chess rather than 300. Each one of his pocket and each of his considerations.


I do not have enough years of experience with these products to say with high probability, what will happen to the product after X time used,

But my engineering logic says that the subject will probably not be successful by looking at a large set of sample drives

Her over time.


Edited By nec_000
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This is a reference board developed with . All the Chinese did was pack well and market. 

Anyone who is a bit ignorant about the subject and fear born to him as a result of lack of knowledge can find the same hardware here:

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Let's ask this as follows:

You, with your money, are willing to take the risk in order to save 200 NIS (and some performance) and buy half a tera ?


I still do not and would rather buy from a proven and reliable selling supplier, like Or Micron, for example.

After all, one crash of the product during his lifetime is enough, which forces me to spend hours to pick up the computer again,

So the risk is not worth it to me. My hour is precious, as is the material on the disc.


Each and his preference, depending on the environmental conditions in which he operates. There is no one consumer law equal to another consumer and it should be understood by all of us.

So, for example, for my home computer, I was willing to gamble on this product "for ninety shekels," understanding that if it collapses,

It has nothing important or valuable about it, and in any case has been re-raised fairly quickly.


Edited By nec_000
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Right in DOK no b I have sold dozens of these to customers in volumes of 128/256. The amount of returns is huge. The drives are dead and unidentified. I stopped selling them even at their cheap price. You can also check the reviews in NEWEGG

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Or in short the saying of our dear grandmother, that the cheapest in the end will turn out to be more expensive, is repeatedly revealed to be true.

Not to be tempted by cheap and unprofessional Chinese chess. 


Reputation in the field of engineering is not a market gimmick for which money is simply extorted, the price has a solid engineering reason behind it, reliability, quality testing

In the open phase, the level of development, the level of production, QA before the product is packed in a box and sent to the store and more ... This is a complete set of processes that have financial significance.


Paying for control and quality, and it proves itself. And in the professional sector where every piece of equipment has tremendous significance in terms of money in the event of a collapse,

This issue is of paramount importance, for example a server of an operating system in a large organization and is critical to the work of the organization, enough that the system has collapsed

And went into the garbage bin or a day of work or worse, God forbid, like losing business information. 


This can be thousands of times more expensive or millions of times more expensive than the machine they originally bought. Therefore buy only the most reliable and proven machine

And set up another DR backup system in case the first crashes in order to continue business continuity.


So at home the significance is less critical, but still, save 200 NIS on the day of purchase, only to find that instead of the drive will live the 5-7 years

That we expect from him, let’s say live only 1-2 years, then the savings we thought we created were completely eliminated with the premature loss of the machine, which forced us to buy another new one.


This is the cheapest and more than once turns out to be the more expensive route. The transaction price must be taken into account.

Edited By nec_000
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