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Bootcamp advice / insights? (Data Science)

Sheik Yerbouti

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This seems to be a more suitable forum for my questions. 


I became interested in botcaps, especially in the field of Big Data / Machine Learning.

There are several companies in the field in Israel, for example:

Some combine placement, some paid (slavery?). 

Anyone have experience / insights with these programs? 


A little about myself, finishing (say: alcoholic1:PhD in chemical engineering in October, in the field of molecular simulations. 

A little programmer, especially scripts in TCL numerical methods in the cross-section. Is now studying to do statistics in Python with Pendes. 

I also did a course in neural networks before ~ ​​15 a year. I appreciate that I can learn most of the material on my own, but prefer a softer entry into the field. 

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  • 2 months later ...

Just to update, I chose to try to be accepted into the YANDEX course.

Article about the course on ML Israel


I went through initial screening, review and stuff.

I passed a six-part test, some probability, graph data analysis, and numerical data analysis, and three programming challenges, one procedural, and two in data processing. 3.5 hours for solving 4 parts out of six. Since I'm not a regular programmer, I did some repetition in Python with the GreenTea books.

Next week there are personal interviews, and hope for the best!

The course itself is yearly in evening studies, once midweek and Friday morning, they have campuses at Tel Aviv University and Ben-Gurion, there is also a discount coupon at the bottom of the article I put in the link.

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I went through a personal interview, a little repetition of the exam (ie, a sample exam has HERE), A question about programming in string processing, not my strong side.

WeWork Sharona, everyone seems to be in the lounge. Tel Aviv in general feels like a branch of Delhi.

And I was accepted!

School starts in late October, must complete a math course in coursera before. 


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  • 6 months later ...

Hi, You can request details about the admissions process and exam. 

What was asked in a personal interview?
Is there a need for an English \ Protocol of Jobs \ linkin report?

The age ranges of the people you will receive for the course. 


Is what you learn these Yandex courses in Coursera?




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On the parts of the exam I detailed in the previous post.


Personal interview, some understanding of both parties, background / expectations etc, some programming / algorithmic questions.


English course, English proficiency required, no portfolio required.


20-50+ age range, mostly software professionals, some physicists, economists, electrical engineers, analysts and psychologists!


In this course, the basic courses in mathematics for ICL ML

Just to have it level.


The courses themselves are taught by people from the field, for example:

Hanan Steingert of Playtica, Gal Chechik of Bar Ilan, Omri Elush of GONG, Segev Arbiv from SimilarWeb


Each week there is a lecture by CTO or ML team managers from different companies about their products / issues.




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