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3900X / 3700X


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If I'm the one who doesn't work much, and doesn't play much ...

What is the point of specifying AMD's 3900X?


Is it supposed to last for maybe more years? If any games start using that amount of cores ...

I think today they don't even take advantage of 6 ...


Where will the benefits be exactly? Only in wider multitasking?


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What are the benefits of having an 16 core processor? Or 24 or 32 cores?

Somewhere the line needs to cross. It is always possible to continue to climb the processor.

Nowadays the most recommended gaming processor that "also does multitasking" for me is the 5 3600.

We waited a bit for how much power we really need for such and other uses today, and with hunger came the appetite. In my personal opinion, 6 cores this excellent example is excellent for many uses and I do not see it becoming a problem any time soon.

The Mehadrin can also have 3700X, although it does not show significantly better gaming performance than the 3600. Simple transverse allows for rendering tasks in less time

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Yes I understand ... but is it true that games today don't even take advantage of 6?

And what about 3900X? Where is the difference exactly?


I actually realized that the 3900 is not strong in the crowd compared to the 3700 .. It is precisely the 3950X that brings more serious improvement ..


Let's say 3700X will last me a good many years, but Reisen 9 even more?

Or is it unnecessary because even though it holds the technology it will already be old in the future?


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It does not work that way.

Game engines are built in such a way that there are master processors that run processors.

Previously with 3 were 2 primary, that if you had a 4 core processor the usage percentages were around 50% or higher.

That is, 2 processors have always employed 2 cores in the processor. In addition to "spawning".


With BF V I don't know how it works but with my Reisen 2600X usage rates around 80%.

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I haven't done any research on the BF engine but I guess there are 4 main processors. That means the 6 processor is quite enough.


And forgot something, this whole issue of how many cores you need is for not reaching 100% CPU utilization. Because then instant FPS falls can happen. For example, if there is something in the background that suddenly does a scan, say anti-virus.


There is another issue, which is the IPC issue.


See what's going on in the graph?

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Each game uses a processor differently. There are specific tasks that are heavy and fall on a certain core, and there are less heavy tasks that go to other cores. There are games that put more tasks on , And there are fewer.


Incidentally, in a pink world a processor that is less than 100% is a gaming processor, but the situation is that both 3600 and 9900K do not "get up" today in games, but sometimes there is a respectable difference between them with Above the RTX 2070 \ RX 5700 level, for example. The fact that a processor is not in a state that has cores on 100% does not mean that you get all the possible performance of a processor bracket along with a video card. There are certain actions that take place quickly and easily, and their specific speed can dictate some "fast" processor for gaming. These differences increase with More serious not because of the graphics cards, but mainly because of the amount of frames per second the processor needs to produce for the system, or the placement of heavier effects that specifically require a powerful processor.


This effect, by the way, creates a paradox that can ensue in certain games, where the desire of the video card to produce more frames actually lowers system performance at lower resolution:



Or a situation where a video card that is factually considered weaker manages to put out better performance under the same resolution that simply presses the processor to produce more frames per second. Of course this is a very extreme situation.


Examples of such effects are AI, for the sake of the game population like Assassin's Creed for all its generations, often shadows.




When cards work hard, you see it in the results. The smallest differences are unequivocally expressed in better results. This is why using Like 9700K and 9900K by the way in tests Across the network. Do not want to leave doubt that the fastest platform available will be offered as a test condition. This is of course not specifically selected Ryzen processor for exams (Or rather an entire system exam, because this is actually the case), simply because these processors are becoming popular, especially among those who spend time networking and drawing on this knowledge, and want to know how a combination of With an X video card will show.


The story with the Ryzen 5 3600 is that it simply offers enough transverse resources, in its amount of cores and capillaries, to be a pretty good substrate for any existing card. Yes it makes sense that someone who buys a 2080 SUPER or 2080TI will already go for the 3700X and "close interest", but even in this case, especially if he is playing at 1440P or higher, the balance falls heavily on the video card in the division of labor, and there are graphs of differences between Will be much flatter than usual.


I refer to this Techspot article on 3 integration At different price points (800, 2200, 2300) with different video cards





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Quote of zone glide

If I'm the one who doesn't work much, and doesn't play much ...

What is the point of specifying AMD's 3900X?


Is it supposed to last for maybe more years? If any games start using that amount of cores ...

I think today they don't even take advantage of 6 ...


Where will the benefits be exactly? Only in wider multitasking?



Yes, just that.


I don't think the processor that 3900X is a first choice for gaming.


If there are advantages in gaming, they are unlikely to be felt and only theoretical.


If you're worried that another choice won't be good enough in a few years, you can relax. I am on the 4C / 8T processor and do not feel I have processing power for my needs.


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Each and every one of his needs.

Mrs. Raidman, after getting used to her former husband to a certain standard of living,

She swears she can't put her foot in a shoe, which costs under ten thousand shekels.

On the other hand, the children of Gaza are willing to walk barefoot, or in any shoe that someone has thrown away and as long as the sole is still sewn to the limb.


So one child "tells us countlessly that the processor limits him," while another adult (who may be his father in terms of age gap),

Tells us the kid is chattering - probably late at night "and he's a little tired already".

Everyone and the standard of living (or the imagination he convinces himself) that he is good with.


At a certain age the person grows up to understand and learn, that there is too much barbarism and fuss in the world in the field of consumption,

Something no one had bothered to teach in the past, he had to learn in the flesh with the life experience and mileage he had accumulated.

He points out that this is an area whose main purpose is to get the masses (including him) to spend as much money as possible, 

In any case, even if there is no real or necessary real need in some way.


As the person matures to internalize it, he begins to consume wisely and effectively. Everybody when it comes to knocking on his door in his life.

There are those who are educated to reach this probably only in old age, there are those who improved their luck to understand this already at the age of 20, perhaps because they had parents

Who passed on intelligent education and knowledge from an early age. The majority fall somewhere in the middle, around the age of 40. 


In order for my children to not have to internalize it when it is quite late and the damage has been done, in order to be aware of the subject at age 20 (or much earlier),

I try to educate them from a very young age, already a single-digit age, to understand money, numbers, economics, their essence, consumption, thrift,

Accumulation of money, investment, and accumulation of capital.


That's why when my kids reached the age of 8 I open their first bank account to them and give them a credit card in hand.

Age that many would think is too early. But in education there is no such thing as premature (in this context) money.

My children start receiving pocket money (which is their salary), once a month, on a fixed day of the month by bank transfer directly to their account,

And so they manage their private financial consumption - in everything related to luxuries and entertainment. For the rest the parents take care of them of course.


And then no wonder that when they are already 10-12, everything they want to buy - they stand out for themselves whether buying or buying

This one is worth it or not. I found that when a child rubs off on the same dilemmas at a young age, after several such dilemmas,

He begins to think like an older person to some extent. He hesitates in front of the store shelf and asks himself: Wait, it costs me X,

But I have Y's left, do I want to give my OS now such an X size hit or not? Do I really need this product

Or is it better for me to save another two months, and in general already save money for the great freedom?


It's a dilemma my daughter exhibits once or twice a month, and I'm happy to see it.

Sometimes she consults and asks for help from her parents what to decide, I am impressed that she is learning so well. She understands reading an account

Bank. Read visa details. See what the current level of trends and trends is showing them over time (which is increasing).

Because he spends less than her salary refills the account. And this is the education she receives to create a long positive balance

Term, which is necessary in order to invest in the future the balance it leaves aside.


That child will have a significant advantage of about 10-15 years compared to his peers, who have not been exposed and practiced on the subject like him.

This is where the critical seeds of the future are sown for the child's economic and financial future, which the adult will do along the way.

Because someday he will be leaving home at the age of 21 (say upon termination of military service) and will for the first time become a mature man leading his life

And his financial decisions, he will already have an experience and tools of 13 year on the subject. That's a lot.


He knew how to manage finance, balance sheet, future expense planning, and savings and investment planning.

These tools that many are not well enough aware of are more important (proven) than doing an academic degree of a profession for life.

Doctors, lawyers, computer programmers ... often fail courses and fail financially even though their salaries are very high. Just because they do not know how to manage money.


Facing simpler working people than them and no coveted profession can sometimes be wizards of money and capital just because they learned it at age

Very young and in front of everyone. They had the right parents.

** The aforesaid is taken from research literature in the field, and I completely agree with them, in light of experience from real life that sees around me and proves

For myself, day in and day out.


So I don't have to give myself stories that my processor is not good enough to convince myself why I need to upgrade a computer,

And after that, exercise those few and just spend money without it.

I also don't have to buy myself another new car (after my wife already has) just because my dignity is hurt or trampled in some way

Which is on new and I on Trenta. I'm fine with the (very) old-fashioned car I have worth pennies, which makes most of the errands the errands

And the ride to the train station and back every morning like a panther, and not making me in the meantime (fucked on a tree) any trouble.


Consumption is a type of disease that most of our world suffers from because of the culture and brainwashing it undergoes from the environment and the media and advertisements.

In the US, this is a real epidemic and it seems that Israel is following it at a rapid pace and is also infected with the disease.


The benefits from the disease of consumption pass through a long-term education, and maturation to understand - that one should not just consume, and a lot. 

But to consume what is really needed, and in a rational dose. And all that you don't need, put aside and swell like cake yeast.

The so-called know-how to invest.

It is a complex and separate art that it is best to accumulate as quickly as possible. Accumulation has grown nicely over the years, producing dunes of money.

To accumulate money, the rich are proving to be a challenge for them like playing a monopoly if we want to. They enjoy it.

But above all, money is a resource - that we will still need in our lives and lots of it. Even as a financial protection cushion for any trouble you won't have,

And you can't tell what the future looks like for us Earning or sickening illness,

But also so that we can retire at a relatively young age, and have enough long-term pension benefits.

Retiring at age 67 which is a geriatric age already, is a pension that is not a sufficient finding. It's an age you're already with one foot soon in the grave.


I came across extreme examples of those who took the model to the extreme, spreading 45 age environments with fat and beautiful pensions.

They practiced the topic of consumption and investment to the optimum, and already after about 25 a year or so from the beginning of a career, they managed to reach

To the estate. I bestow on someone who at 45 can start living without working more even one day in his life. It has something like 30 years or so

Enjoy one huge vacation that never ends. Examples of such people are online and you can learn exactly what and how they did it.

It starts with not buying a new processor in quite some time, and more with the intention of settling on a second-hand computer in divorce, which is good enough

In order to provide modern computing services. Nowadays it is possible to set up a computer for only a few hundred shekels, which runs everything reasonably well.

60FPS isn't bad either. Unless we have convinced ourselves otherwise, it is already a disease in our minds.


Anyone who does not want to be in need of more than 60FPS, will not be exposed to it in the first place, and so will never need it.

So today's tip.


Edited By nec_000
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