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Arduino - Starts in the field


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tl; dr - Starts with , Looking for a recommendation on components and related equipment -
"Main" board, additional small boards, necessary accessories, soldering iron, hot glue gun, box for organizing the equipment, etc.

I am a student of electrical engineering and have a light-medium background in electronics and C language.

As part of a workshop I got to work with And I decided that I wanted to learn and work with the above in my spare time 😄

After searching the web for a bit, I found it difficult to understand what sites the components are recommended for,
And moreover, if there are any recommendations for kits / components that you should purchase I'd love to hear - because the selection is just endless .. 😅

There is no financial restriction that the majority is relatively cheap, but you should not just go crazy with excessive kits.

Equipment currently having: 2 matrices, That assessment, Wires, Full toolbox.
Want to buy one uno and another smaller 1 / 2 sitting with one or the other project when it is.

Prefer to purchase original boards (I just found the זה),
Unless it is some priority to purchase something cheap and alternative to the beginning (in case it burns?)
Regarding switching components (WiFi etc.) I am less familiar with the selection.

So .. where to start? : )
Thanks in advance for helpers!

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Also in the link you brought up, it was not original.

But the imitation experience works fine.

Mali Express 2 regulation. One spire just in case it burns and gets stuck because it will take a month to arrive.

Trying to order through ePacket should arrive faster.


A smaller card than the UNO has it: Arduino Pro Micro

His weakness is connecting the, Can tear if applied in the wrong direction.

Burn it to him as Leonardo.


DA has the esp8266 controller with a faster processor, though not an official Arduino thing but can be burned with their software.

Includes built-in Wifi 2.4GHZ option. It is best to buy the version that includes a shield shield to prevent magnetic interference.

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Some of the things I said you understood, some not :)

I have not delved into it yet, but I did not even notice it was imitation.
I see UNO costing around 30 $ with shipping from their site,
Not yet found cheaper .. The UNO is designed to be the playground and "small" for what it will be ready.

Is there anything you recommend that you can work on in Arduino's standard work environment?

The model you recommend (below) really looks great (I found about NIS 13 without the shield you mentioned),
Can order any 2-3 :)

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Note that it works at 3.3V voltage. Faster usually work at lower tensions.


This war is nice:

Silicone cable has subsided which is less cumbersome.


How did you not find the uno cheaper? Look for Bali Express on this $ 4 roof


Hot glue gun:

As for the glue itself, check the diameter and that you are a matching buyer.





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Again, the question is whether to buy the original UNO or something Chinese?
And is working on everyone possible through the normal workspace? Or is it meaningless?

Regarding the tensions, I did not understand your intention, or rather how it should affect me at this point.

Thanks for the other recommendations :)

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