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Development options with Arduino board and long-term functioning

Second Edition

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I played with In the past, but think back to it as a hobby ..

I never unplugged it and messed with it beyond a light hobby.


I have a few questions about the Arduino board:

1. Let's say I burned the board, what's up with the power?  

If the source is disconnected, what happens when it returns? (The board just continues to function normally?)


2. Suppose I want the board to send SMS or emails depending on its environment, can I manually enter (at runtime) the phone numbers / email addresses?

For example: Temperature at 35 degrees - Send emails without a WIFI connection





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1. When the board returns to action, it will start running the software you burned to Flash again. Of course the software will start running from the beginning and not where it stopped when the power is lost and all values ​​in volatile memory will return to their initial values.


2. Possible but not the simplest in the world, you can connect to a keyboard controller and enter the numbers / emails through it or send them from the computer and the controller will receive them. In both cases you will need to write the software that handles the reception of the entries (and in the case of the computer also handle their transmission). Any value that you do not save specifically in the eeprom memory will of course be deleted if at some point the power stops.


I did not understand your intention how the board should send an email if it is not connected to the network.

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Maybe Raspberry Pi is better?


Edit: Generally I want to do a computer / controller check to see if I forgot an open window or door (for example) and then send an email or message ..


I realized that it is possible to connect to the cellular network. That is, with the help of a sim card.

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