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Replacing a Veteran Card, What Would You Choose?


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Hi, I have the following system:


I5 4590


Motherboard with Zipset B85 b85 Killer/

S12G-550 -Seasonic Power Supply

* I do not plan to upgrade Trinity in the next two or three years (add On the agenda)

To this day I managed to survive with the HD5850 that Otto celebrates in the mitzvah, and after getting stuck in the house for the near term it seems time to upgrade.

The purchase is from overseas, a $ 400 pre-tax budget, which allows for entry 2070, RX5700 XT

Screen - currently at 25 ", in the near future the system will move to the living room and be replaced with TV around the 65".

There is no specific game I'm aiming for.


My question if I should invest in one of the cards above with the system I have? Or purchase a more moderate card until the whole system is replaced?

I would love for advice / insights / recommendations :)


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Assuming the resolution is FHD.

If the TV The system is less than enough (depending on which game), but I would at least buy the tickets you specified.

In my opinion rx580


It's the optimal one.

Look at improvement rates here.

Look here, a bit more powerful than your own, quite on the border with the 1660 gtx.

Also depends on the price you buy.


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Bottle neck is very dependent on the game, even if there is at least a bottleneck you know you are getting maximum fps, you indicated that you are replacing , Reasonable for 4k, the cards you specify are the minimum for this resolution, so that in games that the processor less or will not limit the card it will be eroded, in games since ....

Don't forget that Ultra Must and in 4k filters less than a year, significantly increases fps, if you stay in fhd I would definitely invest less.

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I got you.


The question of which of the two will give the best value in general, without touching on a specific game, even though today I mainly play in WITCHER, also because the current card does not allow too much.


RTX 2070Or RX5700 XT?


Overall, I noticed 3 versions:


Or is the 2060 SUPER better?


Edited By gad57
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Comparison: All three you consider are close to 5% of each other in performance at all resolutions.
Also the same power consumption, the lowest 2060S and the 5700 XT the most with 30W more (all without OC) and the power supply is likely to hold everything well.

Everyone has the same amount .

NV cards have raytracing capabilities that are not available, If it interests you it can help in the choice. This is only relevant if you are willing to compromise on other settings because this feature greatly degrades performance.

All in all this would be a huge improvement, I would suggest going for the cheapest one you find with Third Party. 
If you see Good ones on the regular 2060 or 5700 (without XT) are even better and will save the difference when you upgrade your entire system.




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