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A supplier of power is burning. Which supplier to buy?


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Hello everyone,


Yesterday the power supply of the next computer bought a few years ago was burned to me.

I connected a 400W power supply without the video card temporarily. At the time, I was told that a 430W power supply would hold this system. Could 400W be enough here?



I wanted to get recommendations from a provider for this system.

At the time I bought the chassis with the power supply together so I'm not sure I need 520W (maybe a less powerful power supply would fit here as well?)


Processor: Intel Ivy Bridge i5 3570 Socket 1155 6MB 3.4Ghz Tray
Quantity: 1
Price: ₪ 1079
CPU Cooling: ZALMAN CNPS5X SI EDITION - When buying a new computer only
Quantity: 1
Price: ₪ 129
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H
Quantity: 1
Price: ₪ 386
Case: SilverStone Redline 1 3.0 + Seasonic 520W - Buy new computer only
Quantity: 1
Price: ₪ 515
Chassis Cooling: Raidmax 120mm Retail Quiet Fan
Quantity: 1
Price: ₪ 22
Memory: Kingston 4GB 1600
Quantity: 2
Price: ₪ 110
Hard desktop: Seagate 1TB, 3.5 ", SATA3, Barracuda 7200.14
Quantity: 1
Price: ₪ 438
Hard desktop: Crucial 128G M4
Quantity: 1
Price: ₪ 540
Graphics Card: Sapphire 7950 3GB RETAIL - Buy new computer only
Quantity: 1
Price: ₪ 1675
Optical Drive: LG GH24NS50 -RW x24 Dual Layer Sata Black
Quantity: 1
Price: ₪ 105
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Please specify "quality".

True, this is not Antek's wow supplier, and no wow supplier in the market.

On the other hand, chances are you will throw away your current computer long before

Something would happen to provide power, because still, that of a well-known and respected manufacturer

And not some sticker product for fifty shekels.

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Beauty !

You sprinkled the fog .....


Quote of urib


Now, regardless of the quality of the vendors above, let's see what's in the mouth of the discussion opener .....

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Quote of napoleon45

Beauty !

You sprinkled the fog .....



Now, regardless of the quality of the vendors above, let's see what's in the mouth of the discussion opener .....

I encourage you to run the forum ... No kidding I'm serious!

You do them holy work here, while Plunter draws HWZ all the people to their set of specifications.

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First of all thank you everyone for the comments,


Truth be told, I'm not planning any upgrade to a computer.

I no longer play as before but do need processing power (processor, not graphics card).


I have a 28 inch screen and with the connection to the motherboard only without the video card I get crap resolution.


I also did not try to connect the video card with the alternate carrier I named (don't want to finish the computer by mistake without knowing it holds)


The truth is I can buy the same supplier I had (I am in a rented apartment and I will get the payment for it from the landlord).

The question is whether it is already better for me to take another model and better in the same price range - maybe more quiet or modular





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