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New NAS from SYNOLOGY - the DS920 +


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Hello everyone!


I received, about a week ago, one of the new NAS from SYNOLOGY - one of the leading companies in the field. This is the DS920 + which is a small upgrade to the DS918.


Hardware Specifications:








Below the NAS are two ports for SSD type . Processor: CELERON J4125.




I use it mainly for backups - via the LAN from my personal computer (OS: UBUNTU LINUX) and two-way synchronization between some of my clouds, including And BACKBLAZE B2 - which is OBJECT STORAGE.


There's room for 4 discs - and it gets a 3.5 "HDD as well 2.5 "in size. The space available will depend on which level of RAID you use - if you use it at all (RAID 0 is also available).


This is the first time I use a NAS on my network. So some thoughts.


👍 Charges:


- It works if a type of control panel called DSM. This makes it very easy to do things like open a mail server (or, of course, files). 


- DSM has . Like CLOUD SYNC. It gives you a SYNC drawing between NAS and clouds. 


- For local backups - it makes life very easy! After entering a username and password, it automatically appears as part of my network from my computer running on . But I had to open the ports to SSH and SFTP and RSYNC in order for everything to work.


 👎 Negatives

- At the end of the day it's NAS. Easier setup versus better server. But with a server you have complete control. (Although there is the option to create VMs on the NAS through an app).

- I thought the fans today got up noisy. Although I even hate the sound of hard disks - so I'm very sensitive!


More pictures below. Sorry for the bad Hebrew!

Available in KSP and Banda in Israel.




















Full review with videos (in English)



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The Raspberry Pi 4 is more powerful than most NAS devices that contain processors And there are many, most people will say that too j With 4GB RAM this is not exactly the ideal machine for running VM.


From my experience with these devices (and I have one from qnap) the value you get is mostly in the software and ease of use. The hardware is relatively weak for the price, but the operating system makes it easy to configure everything through a graphical interface, and even those who do not understand almost anything will be able to easily set up a home server with raid and automatic cloud backup. Doing a similar thing with rpi is certainly possible but it has been a project that will waste quite a bit of time digging online and requires a completely different level of understanding.

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@etal Yes, I agree (and there is an option to upgrade the RAM up to 8GB). DSM is cool. Especially CLOUD SYNC. But there are still limitations. For example (for backup) I want to install the CLI RCLONE to draw SYNC between PCLOUD and B2. No In DSM then I did not find then I did not find any method to make it work.

Safo talk (put the price aside) - for easy installation and a local computer for backing up - I recommend. Value for money and hardware: It's best to buy a real server (or build yourself with RASPBERRY!)

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