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Consultation - voltage jumps of the air conditioner

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Hi friend,
I recently finished building a photo studio at my parents' house. The house has been standing for 30 years, and let’s just say they haven’t thought about the preparations too much, it’s not so possible to transfer electricity from the board to the studio. The studio's electricity comes from a circuit breaker that is in charge of the living room (total TV and some lights - the air conditioner there has a separate circuit breaker). My problem is a connection of Air conditioner for studio (Air conditioner 1 and a quarter hp), because it is not possible to receive electricity from a separate circuit breaker. I currently have no choice but to connect all the appliances, including the air conditioner to the same splitter / socket in the studio. Voltage jumps that can damage appliances when everyone is sitting on the same splitter.
I realized that the problem of voltage jumps can be solved with the help of an uninterruptible power supply to which I will connect all the important things like the lighting, computer and peripherals.

I wanted to know first of all does this really solve the problem completely?
If so, then which line Interactive or Online provider?
And of course a recommendation for one, the maximum power (which is also in the full load of the computer all the devices together) will be 700W.
Budget up to 1,000 basically if there is something that goes beyond and is better right then I am flexible. In addition, I would love to know if there are any other things parameters I need to consider in choosing a non-stop.
Thank you very much to the assistants and Shabbat Shalom.

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It does not even have to have a power outlet, it is clear that if you are already attracted then it will be.

I connect a computer to a splitter with a 1.25 hp air conditioner, obviously it is not recommended, on the other hand I have no problems.

I reinforce what ag43 said, it is recommended to pull a separate cable, if it is a private house usually go outside through the roof and walls.

To your original question - uninterruptible online is better because you get the voltage all the time directly from the battery, completely stabilized, there is a separation between what goes in and out, the disadvantage is more expensive and need to replace more batteries, because it works all the time, here too there are surprises, sometimes they Survives a few years, even in UPS Line interactive Many times a battery needs to be replaced after a year or two.

ups Line interactive (the good ones) also gives a kind of filtering, it protects against surges of voltage (at a certain limit) not telegram.

And if there are relatively small voltage jumps it can work temporarily from the battery, but most of the time it passes the current directly from the line with tests in its parameters, (according to the protections it has).

A good supplier is important for a computer with full protections and it will be 100-240V, some suppliers are only 230V, in the first it copes better with common voltage drops from an air conditioner, (that the compressor goes into operation has a large current consumption for a short time), if you use an uninterruptible power supply To him, stay at least a meter away from him because of electromagnetic radiation.

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Hi first of all thanks, I realized that in general a computer can absorb these effects with an air conditioner 1.25, but with lighting it can be critical. The infrastructure and location of the board do not allow a power outlet unfortunately, this is the first thing we thought about ... I did not fully understand you if in the matter of voltage jumps, a line-interactive provider will do the job in the end? Doesn't it also protect against voltage jumps?
I saw this non-stop:
Can do the job?
I saw in his Manuel that he is: Voltage Range 162 ~ 268 VAC (here) What are the full defenses you mentioned?

Many thanks and wonderful week

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