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TV headphones

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I'm looking for Wireless TV, with a strong emphasis on full audio-to-video synchronization. I already have today Bose's Bluetooth but unfortunately the sync is not full and it bothers me is very. Even a half-second difference can ruin an experience.

I'm afraid to buy Others only to find that they have the same problem. What's weirdest to me is that when I'm connected to the phone with the same headphones I have no sync problem. On the other hand, the problem of synchronization exists in the connection to 2 different TVs (one smart and one connection to the Mi Box), so it is not possible to clearly say that the problem is with the headphones or the TV. I have no idea if the technology with Bluetooth is not yet complete, or the demon knows what ...

If necessary, I have no problem with the headphones connecting to the TV via their standalone receiver which will connect wires (HDMI? USB? The optical port is already occupied by the sound projector), if this is what will ensure me full synchronization, although of course it is not a priority so I can move around easily Between 2 different TVs.

Is there a recommendation?

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