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Help finding drivers

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The model of the computer is tl10ie2

The boy got it from school a few years ago.

The screen is a touch screen with a touch pen and the keyboard is detachable 

The computer came with Windows 8.1 education .

After upgrading to Windows 10 

The touch stopped working and so did the computer's camera and keyboard.

I think the problem with drivers is because when I open a driver I have the problems there.

In Windows Update there is no update to the drivers he claims they are up to date.

Can't find the drivers anywhere.

Anyone have an idea or idea how to help me?

The computer is designed for distance learning 

Must help 3 kids and a woman who works from home so I have to find a way to fix it.


Best regards Erez


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did not help 

If it can help I brought from the son's friend a computer identical to mine only that mine has 10

It's the exact same computer.

Is there a way to extract know what drivers there are on the friend's computer he is with 8

And it's the same computer / laptop as I have and everything works for him 


Best regards Erez

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The only way I see right now,

It's duplicate your friend's mobile drive

For your mobile.

If at all there is a drive there and not something soldered to the motherboard.

עריכה: It is indeed soldered to the motherboard.


So there's only left -

Another idea, install a clean install of 8 from the version 

That the mobile came with it.

Edited By napoleon45
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So it's that success was not here ...

But it really updated some drivers but still a mouse touch keyboard Microphone not working ...


Now an idea came to me 

Can I create media for Windows 8 like the original one with my friend's computer 

And if there is such a situation that the drivers etc .. will also be installed with it?

Is there such a thing?


I would like to indicate if it is an important pepper that Windows is installed under ufi or something like that 

And it also has a shell for those who understand.

Another thing before Windows goes up the keyboard works.

So more ideas ....

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