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Problem logging off the Internet


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Quote from LianCo

It happened to me too. Since I switched to fiber optics it has stopped. It's been a week. And this is also when 4 more different devices at home on the WiFi (consume a lot of zoom here)

Theoretically the very fact that he said it happens even when he makes a hot spot from the cellphone indicates that it is not necessarily a modem / router crash due to load. Also the very fact that it only works out after it restarts to the computer. But you're right it might be true for other situations, probably not the situation here.

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It's not related to his internet and certainly not to his laptop, it's related to the combo of his network card with Updated from Windows 8.1 and also under Android.
Under Windows 10 it has craziness or under streamers running 7+, there are disconnections around once every 20 minutes, complete disconnection that comes in the form of packet loss, which means that even running internal files this fails.
Not to mention that its reception is weak, its speed is around 19 MB \ s and it is super sensitive when phones or routers are close to it.
Sometimes it is necessary to make his device unavailable and then available for it to work properly.

And the absurdity? card At NIS 10 from eBay, it works better for me than it does.

Now I do not come and say come and buy a ticket At 10 shekels, but there are good and external ones that can be transferred from computer to computer by looking at performance and economic viability.
Computers that usually contain it are models from 2015 usually, Gipa computers can be said that it is not worth investing much in them.

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