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Suspected motherboard malfunction

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good evening 


I would love to get an opinion before replacing a motherboard 


Fault - The computer does not turn on 


Troubleshooting Actions 

Test of power supply and replacement of new power supply 

2. I disconnected all cables + cards from the board if I left only the power supply connected to it and tried to turn on the computer without success 

3. In order to exclude a problem with the power button or shackle I tried to turn on the computer through the board but even then the computer did not turn on 

4. It is important to note that the board receives electricity from the power supply. This can be seen by the lamps that are lit on the customer if when the power supply is connected 


Right now my main suspicion is the motherboard  

Motherboard model - P7P55D PRO 



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There are lots of discussions on the subject here on the site.

What else can be done is to disconnect all electricity 

From motherboard + remove the cmos battery and let the motherboard

Be disconnected and without battery for over 12 hours.

Bring everything back and hope for the best ....

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Quote of elior021

Motherboard with cradle 1151 v2 not suitable for i5 processor?




Because your motherboard comes with a 1156 bracket 




For that matter, even the last 1200 board in the series of boards, has a suitable processor from series I5,

But it does not fit other boards .....

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