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Water spilled on a stationary computer

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Hi friends, 


I used the computer and accidentally spilled a glass of water some of the water was spilled on the stationary computer and before I could turn it off myself it just turned off. 


I wiped all the water I saw I opened the whole case and it seems that the whole area of ​​the CPU motherboard and video card was not damaged at all by the water. 



My main concern is about the power supply, currently about two hours have passed and when I tried the computer did not turn on (made half a second life signs and turned off) 


Power Supply rm650


Is there a way to check if the power is burned? 

What is recommended to do in such situations?

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Quote of none77

Try to turn it on through the board if by shortening the pins. Remove the restart connection from the board, it may shorten.


Thank you! I tried to create a short in the motherboard and it did not help :(


Probably a problem with the CPU or motherboard, I checked the computer with a voltmeter and tried to connect all the removable components including a video card to another system and they worked

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I tested it with a volt meter power peak, after the test I also connected it to another system that even requires a little more than mine and it worked peaks.


Eventually I came to the conclusion that the problem is with the processor or motherboard. And I sent the computer for testing.

After that I will probably be replaced (On the recommendation of the great people here in the pre-purchase consulting forum) and if there is no choice I will also replace a processor.

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