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Copy Windows 10 to a new drive

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Ahlan, friends
I have an original Windows 10 installed on my 110GB drive for a good few years now, the space on the drive is starting to run out and I am interested in moving all the Windows with all the software installed on drive C as a re-option to a new drive.
For the sake of interest I have allocated a 200 GB partition of drive New and like I said I am looking for a way to copy everything including everything to the new drive and that it will be drive C from now on. 
I wanted to ask is it possible to do that? And if so, can all files that are not Windows but are in drive C such as Program Files and such be able to pass so that I do not feel replaced while using the computer?

After the replacement I plan to format the drive that is now used as drive C.


Thank you

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Use clonezilla.

It's a distribution Small that all it does is back up and duplicate discs.

You need a stick That the distribution will run from it and that the computer will BOOT it.

After that goes according to the instructions, at the end a source disk guy and a target disk and he copies the drive as it is to the new drive.

If you need help on how to create the USB or how to use the software then there is full YouTube showing step by step how to do it.

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clonezilla works best and simple in copying from disk to disk, until two years ago, then I did not check it does not copy the MBR / GPT in partition copy, it is required to fix it later, if the disk is not yet used copy to disk and then change the large The partition.

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Thank you!
I was able to duplicate the drive and everything I wanted without problems except one - the software would duplicate the old drive (110 GB) perfectly, meaning that a 460 GB drive is divided into several recovery partitions, a 110 GB partition and more remaining space.
I want to add another 90 gigabytes to the C drive that I left free, but when I click on the Cd partition on the C partition, it does not allow me to increase space, only to dim.
I wanted to know how do I authorize another 90GB drive to C to be on the same physical drive but not populated?

I have attached a picture of the drive


Thank you!


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