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Upgrading an existing gaming computer for about NIS 4,500-4000

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Hello everyone!


About two and a half years ago, with the help of this great forum, I purchased the computer with the following specifications:



Intel i7 8700K / 1151 Tray 

D-Link Wireless Adapter PCI-E AC1200


Arctic Cooling Freezer i32

Asus PRIME Z370-P

DDR 4 16G (8Gx2) 3000 Ripjaws V Net -

Corsair Carbide 100R Silent Mid Tower Black

Corsair RM650x 650W 80 + Gold Modular

Samsung 250G 860 EVO 2.5 "SATA III

Toshiba HDD 1.0TB 7200 64MB SATA3 3.5 "P300 HIGH-PERFORMANCE



I am interested in playing the new games that have come out (Valhala, 2077 and others) on very high graphics.

The basis I guess is an upgrade to 3080. Is the motherboard and case to be replaced for this purpose?

How would you upgrade this computer?




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This is the friend screen.



So you say you can just purchase the video card (3070 or 3080) and replace independently without any special hassle?

I already recommend adding another 16 GB of memory and a card That supports wifi 6 (on the go)?

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Well by and large the 3080 is right for you (assuming the power supply will hold it, if not then you will have to upgrade the power supply as well) and I would not change anything beyond adding If you have not added yet.
At the moment its availability is nil and you will pay about 1000 NIS more in the country than when ordering from Amazon / Newag.

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In terms of the huge size of the card should not be problematic for the case?


And how can I know if my carrier holds the card? Only with trial and error?

I do not want to get into a situation where I connect and then I will have problems ..

The difference is also mainly in the fact that a video card I believe I will be able to replace on my own (basic knowledge of connecting cards And so on) but doubt not.


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Look your computer probably will not consume over 450W at 100% load and your power from a good company (do not know if the model itself is really good, but you can check it) so probably everything will be fine, but if there are crashes you will know that power is the problem.
In terms of physical size first check what exactly the space the case gives you and after that look at what the size of the smaller models of the 3080 is and see if you can fit.

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