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acount type

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Hey friends , 

I saw some kind of lecture on the internet about it being safer to be registered as a standard type account than a general account type (administratoe) that the permissions as standard (standart) are almost identical and that in case I really need some kind of administrator permission I will have a code to perform the operation. But when I tried to switch in panel control an account type was not possible. Phone call with It was made clear to me that switching to a standard account is not recommended and that could lead to a formatting of a computer if it were blocked and done by a general manager with code. 

Can anyone comment on that please? 


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It is true that it is better in terms of Be with a regular user, not an administrator.

But as you were told in Microsoft, it involves quite a bit of inconvenience, when everything needs approval

Of administrator etc..


Again, take care of backing up important material and turn heads!  :)

And most importantly - enjoy the computer!

Let go of all worries,

All is well !

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Hi Napoleon, understand from what you are saying that registering as a regular user involves quite a bit of inconvenience and assume that you have chosen to remain an administrator. It frustrates me that Microsoft is not willing to go a step further with me when I ask for something less standard. There is such a thing as "leave you with nonsense that you do not have to deal with etc" ... I also contacted them regarding a manual update of the java and got me out of it. 

In the last few weeks everything is backed up in three different places and then I will start tinkering with installing software that suits my professional needs. 

Thanks for your suggestion to start enjoying the computer :)

Good Day


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Hypochondriacs also benefit from their imaginary "diseases." :)


But in computers, on the one hand one should not be complacent and on the other hand ....

No need to exaggerate.

I thank you for backing up the material.

It already makes everything "unpleasant, not terrible."


But sometimes we forget that the computer works for us, and not the other way around.

So arrange necessary things in the beginning and ... come on, get going and hope for the best!


You probably fell for a person not the most services. And I really did not come to defend Microsoft.

But you should not expect too much from them either.

Hope you closed all the edges.


Successfully !


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@napoleon45 Agree with every word. Just adds, that really in Linux they do not do it, but in WINDOWS because it is so inconvenient even that it was an official recommendation of (At least once) no one does it. I also did this once and gave up at some point because there is no sudo in the terminal !! 😢 Anyway, Aware of this, Dodge introduced the UAC.

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Quote by af db creid

That's how you do it to me : Huh:


Unfortunately, this is not that mysterious ....

Can always be worse .... 

In fact, from time to time a KB breaks down that proves this assumption.


And for the sake of the discussion - 

I thought for a while ....

In previous versions when built in windows was not something to say the least

And not every consumer was aware of the dangers and easy and material saw fit to invest another amount

In third-party antivirus, the least Microsoft could do was recommend a user

Without admin privileges.

Now, with 10, it is not completely immune, but much less vulnerable, and hence not so critical either.


: nixweiss:

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But if there is a regular user and a secure administrator there is such an option, no?


And as for the antivirus ... of course that's not all. Antivirus can not and does not protect you from everything. The point is awareness, as you said in another discussion somewhere. But we try to build as many layers of protection as possible so that even if one breaks through the others will remain for emission. I'm not an IT person, but it's still worth it in my opinion. Of course as you said, one has to consider Facing convenience - and for the private user, who does not have so much damage, backup should suffice and should not be so stressed.

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