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Large screen laptop for office work at home


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I am interested in purchasing With a screen as large as possible designed for office work, Word and Power Point mostly.

As one who has used desktop computers all my life, I have 0 understanding on the subject of . This is a computer designed for my mom, she does not want a stationary computer, and prefers a laptop even though she does not take the computer out of the house.

The budget is up to 5000 NIS. The main thing is a big screen (as much as possible), good resolution, no need for gaming. But something that will be powerful enough to run videos on YouTube and all that.

The battery is not critical, because it is a computer that stands still and always near electricity. 

I don't care about the company, I don't need a touch and all kinds of sticks beyond that. Something simple. Should come with 10 in Hebrew. 


On the same subject, should you try to test sex computers? Here I understand even less.



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My dad does not care so much, all she wants is a big screen (because he does not see best), and something that can be easily moved if one table is needed to a shelf where the computer will stand when not in use. So Tachles I do not really care Or AIO or Mini. Not that I feel like starting to break my head over building a computer just for that, and it also adds more things that need to be moved. 

So I do not mind investing in something like this:

As long as it is something durable and does its job, and will not spoil within half a year. Again, I do not have much knowledge in things that are not a stationary computer. So that's why I'd love to know if AIO is something you can trust. Of course 23 inches is much much better than 17 inches. And from what I see cheaper. 

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You can also take something like this -


It's like a mini computer, just talk to the store about more up-to-date models (in terms of processor, etc.)


And a screen can be taken like this -


@plonter  Welcome to help ......   :)

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Like I said, it's a screen-packed laptop,

Or in this specific case, at the base of the screen.


On the one hand, there are no high demands on the computer,

On the other hand, everything is very specific and unique.

On the other hand, you have quiet 3 years, as the duration of warranty.


Just note that it should separately.

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