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Computer warming problem needs help

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Hello friends.

I have asustek H81M-E

And has an interl processor i7-4770 

Power Supply 500w

It is important to note that I have one fan in the package 

Sitting on the CPU 

Until a few days ago I had a gtx 650 ti video card and I did not have a warming problem (at least not that I noticed) a few days ago I bought a gtx 1660 super video card everything fits properly in the package I used it for a few days and everything was fine until I noticed that there is some heat I downloaded the speedfan software from the package and it appears to me (effortlessly) that my CPU is at 68 degrees and the video card at 53 degrees and also that my system is generally at 110 degrees of course I am going to add another fan but I am still afraid one of my components will burn and worse.

I wanted to know if it makes sense all this data and why I did not notice it until today before the new video card I tried to put in front of the computer a home fan and still gave me the same result of course I gave the computer a few minutes to cool down and then turned it on with the home fan.

I'd love to help friends I'm pretty worried 

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Welcome to the Forum!  :)


Why not buy fire extinguishers, for all the trouble?  : Lol:


And seriously 

Both the processor and the video card protect themselves from overheating.

What can be worst is that performance is reduced due to the activation of these protections.

But it is clear that the situation requires treatment, because no system "likes" heat.

Just to put things into perspective, the video card you bought is actually pretty cool,

That is, it is not one of the cards that emits heat on all nonsense.


You can download GPU-Z and also CPU-Z and test the temperatures with them,

And of course look at the BIOS what degrees at rest.


It could also be that by chance, the ointment between the processor and the body Dried up

And requires replacement.


So put a fan or two, depending on the case, and everything will be fine.

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I realized that this is probably a problem in my supplier listed on it 500w but it is probably fake because it is very old and cheap today so it is a bit strange to have 500w.
What do you think could be that the power is not strong enough and it warms up my computer?

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I replaced a new power supply but have not yet installed another fan I meanwhile put on such a home fan.

Anyway the CPU dropped to a significant temperature from 68 degrees effortlessly to 45-53

And the card also goes from 57 degrees effortlessly to 40-50

Hopefully I will connect a fan that takes the heat out and moans the dust problem will disappear completely

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